Personal Style Staple: Highwaisted Jeans

December 20, 2013

personal style staple #1: Highwaisted Jeans

if you guys noticed lately, i've been revealing through this blog my likes, dislikes and apprehenshion for some fashion trends lately. from clothing pieces that i tend to shy away from (but eventually embraced like this flimsy summer shorts) to style staples that i truly swear by. in fashion, and as with life in general, i always stick to what floats my boat only. this may come as a surprise to some but this doesn't mean that i dont follow and/or appreciate fashion trends. i do appreciate each and every seasonal and classic piece that makes their way to the covers or centerfolds of international and local magazines, and browse through lookbook profile after lookbook profile for inspiration and ideas. i just dont follow most because i only stick to pieces that flatter my body type and those that i am most comfortable moving around in. having said that, this year's hottest trend which is the highwaisted jeans is one style staple that i dont think i will ever outgrow. you've seen me wear this item a million of times already but the good thing about them jeans is their versatility; how you can dress them up in different ways. i bet most of you can totally relate so i dont think i need to explain any further.

i wore this to an event (which i failed to post here but is on my Instagram account) i attended months ago with my fellow Cebu Fashion Bloggers. Thanks Gizelle for my outfit shots! :)

also, i came across this article that talks about how to be undeniably attractive and i just love every word.

people always have personal style staples that they incorporate into their “look.” Figure out what about you you like most, and play that up. It makes you more confident, which is arguably even more important than the feature itself.

read more HERE 

have a lovely weekend, you guys!

Topshop jeans. GGM cropped top. thrifted Guess faux leather jacket
Zara combination heels. Plus Minus Times Divide ID necklace

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  1. I'm not too sure if I could rock high waist jeans like high waist shorts. Haha. Hash tag. Claiming. But damn, Toni! You're looking so great! Genes na gyud na bah, not just the jeans! No pun intended. LOL.

    I agree with you gyud, Ton. I will only post/blog/wear clothes I really love to wear. And not just giving in to the trend. Happy Holidays!! :)



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