December 4, 2013

how about another casual outfit post?
wore this to my lola's birthday lunch at my uncle's place where there's a fish pond right beside the property so i thought it best to dress as comfortably as possible.
we spent most of my childhood summers here. my dad planting fruit bearing trees, my mom making the best lunch and meriendas, and us kids endlessly playing with our great grandfather's sampan. its a flat-bottom wooden boat and its oars were as tall as me but my cousins and i would brave the farthest end of the pond cos that's where all the big fishes are. my grandfather utilized this place for aquaculture in his heyday and even up to old age. i remember him in his 70s and still tending his pond. so during summer vacations, my cousins and i would go fishing and just place our catch in the sampan with fishes endlessly jumping, scaring us witless. so we all end up jumping out of the sampan and into the murky waters with my parents shaking their heads in disapproval. haha! those were good times. idyllic summer vacations that i wish my girls would get to experience :)
anyway, like what i mentioned earlier, i decided to dress comfortably cos i knew i will be spending most of my afternoon in the hut built in the middle of the pond. wore this very comfortable highwaist stretch jeans from Topshop which i scored for half the original price! dont you all just love end of season sales? i paired it with this sheer top from forever21 and my very trusty studded loafers from the same brand as well. 
this pair was one of my go-to flats when i was pregnant with Vania and they are very very comfortable. read a related post here.
so that's it for another casual OOTD. are my posts getting a little too predictable now? haha! the next one's entirely different so you might wanna check that one out ;)


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