Dots and Stripes

November 26, 2013

i am not one of those few people who are good in mixing prints. it scares the hell out of me whenever i think about pieces in different patterns and putting them together in one cohesive outfit. i've always believed that it's something i could never ever pull off given that i always stick to the traditional (read: old) practice of going for a printed top-solid bottom combination and vice versa. but the print on print? nuh-uh.
but because i have awesome blogger friends who give the print on print ensemble so much justice, i decided to give it a try. 
their very first tip to doing it right? wear it in the same hue.
im a little too late in this trend, i know, but as the famous adage goes, better late than never. yes? ;)

forever21 buttondown top. the maze hipzone striped shorts. h&m satchel and flats

1 comment

  1. I noticed stripes and polka dots always look great together when paired with the right hue. I have't tried this trend though. I'm so late when it comes to trends. Even late with blogging. Real life is much more fun but we just can't quit blogging.



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