Laser Cut

June 29, 2013

no event is ever complete without outfit shots esp when i am with my fellow cebu fashion bloggers. but since we all had different agendas after the event, we went our separate ways except for Gizelle and I who opted to look for new shoes. before heading out to the Maze Hipzone located at the 3rd floor of Ayala Center Cebu, we met with my sister who was having late lunch in a nearby restaurant so she can (dutifully and without a choice) take our outfit shots. haha!
Gizelle of Vanilla Ice Cream

like i said in my previous post, we used our gift cheques on shoes and immediately changed into them and ditched our heels. so of course, that's an excuse for another photo op! haha!
Tonic Danni flats

for those who are asking, my sister Rose is this blog's official photographer when the husband isn't around (he's always away for about 6 months at a time.) but if she's unavailable, i ask my brothers or the househelp to do it for me. also, i am using a Nikon D7000 camera with a 50mm 1.8d lens.

but on very rare occasions, i use my Tokina 11-16mm ultrawide lens which im planning to dispose. the husband and i are considering an upgrade (but instead of buying another lens, i prefer the Fuji X-E1. i wish! haha!)

if you're interested or might know someone who is, email me at

have a lovely weekends, dolls!

sm gtw laser cut top. forever 21 pants. stradivarius heels.
plus minus times divide necklace. thrifted clutch.


  1. Everyone said it was difficult and hard, so am I. Actually my sister and I went to the mall yesterday to have a sundate lunch and planned to buy that 50mm lens too, unfortunately it was out of stock so maybe we will try on the next weekend on the other malls. I guess it will be on our camera's body next week and will used on to the next post. Your photos are really nice that's why I need that new lens also. Anyway, I love your pants and your friend's top. <3 I hope I can visit Cebu soon. :)

    xx Diana

  2. toni! ikaw na jud ang nindot ug lawas. envy! i miss you!!!




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