Mommy Diaries: Vania at 6 months

May 7, 2013

why do babies grow up so fast these days?
when she was just 2 months old, she learned how to suck on her fingers, her whole hand even, and i'd be so worried for her gums. but just this afternoon, my sister sighted a tooth. A TOOTH! at first i thought, why so early? then i realized, she's 7 months old now.
7 MONTHS! it seem so surreal!

so before i lose track of her developmental milestones that seem to be advancing every single day, i am posting here photos from her i-just-turned-6-months shoot.

so this is my Vania Noelle at 6 months.


  1. OMG!!!! She is so adorable. I want to pinch those cheeks! Use that camera to take as many pictures as you can before she grows up to fast!!!!


  2. Your daughter is so adorable! ♥

    xx, Edda



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