Coachella on my mind

April 17, 2013

one thing that my sister and i overlooked while planning our california trip the other year is the coachella festival. we were so hyped up organizing our summer itinerary here and eventually chase summer all the way to the east coast that we booked our tickets on the first week of june. so yes, we missed it by a month. had i thought about coachella that time, i would have said no to that bohol trip (here and here) and that staycation where i soaked myself in chlorinated water. ack.

so with coachella in mind, i decided to wear this last weekend while hunting for beautiful porcelain pots for the garden. cropped top to beat the oppressive heat, palazzo pants because i haven't worn them since 2011 and a denim vest cos i could never dare to walk around the metro looking half-naked to the fashion illiterate. and yes, if i could do sun salutations while enjoying the world-famous music festival, i'd definitely wear this. knowing california's weather (hot in the morning, chilly at night) a vest, better yet a cardigan, and a pair of comfortable pants are, without a doubt, lifesavers.

forever 21 vest, cropped top and palazzo pants. charlie apparel sunnies.
flamingo sandals. steve madden fringe bag.


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