March 21, 2013

its throwback thursdays over at instagram today and given that i have 1 more set of old outfit photos, wouldn't it be too fitting that i publish them now? this should be the last of all my backlog posts so expect newer ones in the coming days. new posts like that of Sunstyle, the biggest summer fashion show here in Cebu so be sure to swing by more often.

on to the outfit. remember what i said in one of my previous posts (see here) about billowy tops that hide my postpartum flabs and eventually buying them in three different colors? well this is one of them. i love the slimming effect it provides plus the fact that it comes in black color, gives me a more thinner silhouette. yes? its funny how not so long ago, i used to shy away from dark colors since it makes me look all the more thinner what with my 90lbs weight in a 5'4" frame. but now (thanks to my little bundle of joy) i embrace all clothing pieces in this very versatile shade. much to my sister's delight who loves everything black.

Surplus sheer top. H&M bandage skirt. Forever 21 heels. Michael Kors bag


  1. Omg you’re so cute!!
    Much love,



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