Getting Ready II: Organizing

September 18, 2012

39 weeks into my pregnancy and i am finally ready with my hospital bag as well as the little girl's. i never thought i'd ever be ready what with my crazy way of packing. i use all these little kits, pouches and mesh bags to categorize everything and more often than not, i end up packing more than what i really need- bringing out more things, needing more pouches, stuffing it all in my weekender and taking them all out again to re-organize. yes, i was, and never will be, a light packer. this is one thing my family has gotten used to but never really understood.

but after weeks of agonizing, organizing ang packing, i am now ready with three huge bags for a short 2 or 3 days hospital stay. im pretty sure my mom wont like this :D

note to self: purchase tons of those nifty and fancy luggage organizers that come in cute and quirky prints. any online store recommendation, loves? thanks in advance! 


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