Earth Tones

September 8, 2012

i was never a fan of the colors brown, taupe, nude and everything that resembles dirt and clay. back in highschool and college, i would always go for anything bright, loud and everything that reminds me of cotton candy. yes, i was a candy girl back then and i collected each and every issue that came out in the stands. and yes, my closet was an assortment of rainbow colored pieces and it took me quite a long time to realize that that was the reason why i was having a hard time coordinating my outfits. i've never heard of color blocking or the print on print ensemble, so everytime i needed to (play) dress up, i always end up looking for something new, wear it once or twice, and then store them in my closet for the next 12 months or so because i have nothing else that matches it nicely. haha. i was THIS bad at organizing. but with the influx of fashion and beauty websites and having read online articles like this one from The Beauty Department, you get to slowly sort out your treasure trove that is your closet and go for pieces that are timeless, practical and blends harmoniously with your skin color. after knowing that i have warm undertone that goes well with earth tones, i cannot help but hoard pieces in this color palette. i still have colorful items of course but im slowly incorporating this light and dainty hue into my daily wear :)

anyways, the next set of photos are taken from the recently concluded One Cebu Expo held at the Cebu International Convention Center where local designers, entrepreneurs and the like showcase their world-class products. and always, Janice Minor's pieces are stunningly beautiful. i love all her mirrors! such work of art!

few cutesy items. most booths did not allow picture taking.
my sister Rose wearing Skulls sheer top. Forever 21 jeans and studded loafers


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