July 30, 2012

this basic v-neck white shirt has got to be the most abused piece of clothing in my closet these days. this, and two other shirts in the exact same size, color and material. ask me how to wear a basic white in 5 different ways and i'll show you 10. Ha! its surprisingly funny to realize that i have 1 specific favorite look for each pregnant month and for my 6th month up to my early 7th, this basic white, uber comfortable leggings and lucite sandals are my preferred go-to pieces. so if some of you cebuano friends see me around town wearing the same outfit, please dont think i haven't showered cos trust me, i have and i always do. HAHA!

have a wonderful and safe week ahead, you guys!
J Crew white shirt. Terranova leggings. Promod sandals. Thrifted denim jacket.
Michael Kors watch. H&M flat gold ring. Turquoise bead necklace from Palawan


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