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May 17, 2012

i almost forgot about this set of pictures and i feel bad for not flaunting my ridiculously short hair a little too much. haha. am currently in the process of growing it out for fear of being thrown out of my very own wedding by the husband himself. you see, he made me promise to walk down the aisle in a much dainty fashion than now so here's me keeping it :D

anyhoo, these were taken last January when we visited the floating bookstore. i swore i died and went straight to book heaven the moment i stepped into the library proper. we spent the whole afternoon going through each and every rack and i ended up buying mostly baking books. they should come in handy the moment our little kicker starts asking for sweet treats!

photos by the husband


  1. yeeeeey! new post from you. just wanna say you rock the short hair look. you look really pretty! i hope to see more posts from you. :D

  2. buntis! <3 hahaha, good luck on growing your hair…mine is almost at my waist and it's so hard (and expensive) to maintain…anything for the wedding…<3

    ♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

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  4. these pictures are some of the most gorgeous pictures I've ever seen aboard a cruise ship! Are you a model, or are you a genuine cruise ship passenger? lots of cool books there too at the bookstore ... keep 'em coming :) Good times :)

  5. oh my gawd! books!!! and i love your short hair!!! :)


  6. followed you dear! :)



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