LA Blues

June 29, 2011

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 i woke up feeling blah today. idk why but the heat is just getting to me! i should be used to this what with the stinging Cebu sun but its just unbearable sometimes. but its still good that we're going out today and hitting another The Outlet outlet somewhere in downtown LA. the sister's itching to check out all the shoe rack sale. lol.

oh and we went to this really fun and fancy place called The Grove and saw Jennifer Love Hewitt shopping. definitely a starstruck moment! would have walked up to her and ask if we could have our picture taken but she was just too busy going through all those beautiful bags :) and i wasn't able to help but have my picture taken with an Abercrombie model. oh my goodness. he's like the new age Adonis!

see what i mean?! and i loooove that they gave this polaroid picture for free! awesomeness eh? haha. but the Grove experience will be posted in a different entry :)

eBay floral top. my favorite SHOPYAPI trousers. Charlotte Russe platforms.

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