Teaser Pleaser

December 15, 2010

Sorry if I've been M.I.A. lately again lovelies. So much has transpired over the past couple of weeks and my weekends (and days off) have been booked until 2011 so you can only imagine what a busy bee I am right now! :)

But I somehow found the time to post this and to let you all know that I am back (with vengeance haha!) and will surely share what I've been up to lately.. although not all, but some! And yes, post my long overdue BLOG GIVEAWAY!
But as of now, let this be a little teaser pleaser for all of you.
My weekends have been nothing short of crazy and last weekend (Saturday-Monday) has been nothing short of wonderful and I have my sweethearts to thank for it! 
Thank heavens for crazy friends and my much crazier Favorite High! *winks*


  1. damn, girl, you're so skinny! sexay!

    also, i can't wait to hit the Cebu beaches this December! :D

    boat ride through the sky

  2. hi toni! wow you have such an amazing body! :)

  3. toni!!!! with that awesome body, you should be able to catch one 'deserving' fish soon!!! :D

    can't wait for your giveaway!

    ps. i keep forgetting to bring your giveaway win everytime we meet...next time, i'll bring it for sure!hehe.

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  4. Beach!!! Waaah! I'm missing the beach now.

  5. such a sexy body, so hot.*envy*

  6. gorgeous...toni!!!

    I am so missing the Cebu beaches...these photos is making me want to go home...for summer hahaha!!!




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