A Girlfriend's Birthday

August 1, 2010

Sorry if I've been MIA lately, lovelies. Had a crappy internet connection for one whole week, checking comments and posts through phone only (which made it hard for me to comment) and the week after that, some life-altering event transpired making me want to just curl up into a ball and run my tear ducts dry. Yes, it's that life-altering AND stomach churning. Emotional coma sucks 360 and it never fails to get the best of me. But what the heck. I will soon find my way out of this shit hole and continue my trek down the HAHAHA road. so here's a good luck post for me :)

June 19, 2010. A backblog. A girlfriend's early birthday celebration. We've been friends since God knows when and a night out with these gorgeous damsels never fails to enliven me.
Happy Birthday once again Solieee love!
May this year bring with it all the love and contentment your heart desires. We're always here for you! love you big time!

P.S. my many thanks to the person who took the time and effort to take our pictures. thankies :)

Apartment Paisley Chiffon Dress. Sinulid Cardigan. Gojane Heels. Forever21 bag.


  1. you look gorgeous in that dress, i love that heels!! superb <3


  2. this was during last night? we were just around 2 restos apart! hahaha lovely lovely outfit! :)


  3. Toni, time heals everything. I hope you´re feeling a little better now.

    On a lighter note, you look so pretty wearing that blue dress and hey, I think we ¨almost¨ have the same shoes although I haven´t debuted mine yet. For sure you´re wearing yours better than I´ll do mine. hahaha!

    Be strong girl, sending you lots of warm hugs from here! :)

  4. hi toni, i hope everything will turn out okay. On one hand, you look so pretty in that blue dress and it looked like a fun party :)

  5. you look so lovely in that dress. love the print and color.

    don't worry. GOd will help you with no whatever problems you're dealing with. :)

  6. Oh my Toni, you are gorgeous!!!! love the dress plus the heels...and mah gawd!!!! dapat nag model na lang jud ka hahahaha!!!! as in....

    you look great both in person and in photos...

    take care always gorgeous!

  7. you are very beatıful..

    loVe y . xoxo

  8. You look STUNNING, dear! I am loving your dress.
    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and for your sweet comment! Yours is fab; I can't wait for more.
    xo Josie

  9. Pretty dress :)


  10. Love your shoes : ) xx

  11. love your dress. love the color and it feels so comfy.and those shoes are killers! :]



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