You Have Stolen My Heart

May 28, 2010

You watch the season pull up its own stage
And catch the last weekend of the last week
Before the gold and the glimmer have been replaced
Another sun soaked season fades away

I cant stop singing Stolen by the Dashboard Confessional :)
 Hope all you lovelies will have a lovely weekend!

Thanks so much for all your beautiful comments!

 F&F top. Aero DIY Shorts. SM Dept Store yellow belt. LC necklace. Gifted bangles. Mossimo Quilted kiss-lock purse. Michael Antonio Serpent Rhinestones Sandals. Mango Sunglasses.
Mossimo purse and Michael Antonio Sandals: preorder at POWER RETAIL


  1. oh i love dashboard!do you know toni na they had a concert last night sa trinoma.unfortunately, wa ko sad!pero i heard the shouts sa crowd kay my friend called me man during the jealous to death!my fave song is HANDS DOWN.
    Girl,you're so chic on that outfit.i love the top and bag and most especially your SANDALS!amazing xa dai.murag princess.^=^

  2. ur sandals!

  3. those sandals are the cutest! i love them so much. but i hope i have cute feet too like yours. mine's so big my mom calls them ginger.LOL

  4. ah you're dressing for summer which is so adorable. LOve the colors. and the shoes!

    miss you gorgeous!

  5. love the sandals Toni super duper nice!!!! I also love the bag...

    very lovely!!!

    take care
    much love,

  6. Those sandals are GORGEOUS! Where can I find them? :)

  7. im speechless, hands down by the im so happy to know that you are my kababayan..galing :)

  8. Is this a new Pinoy band, Toni?

    By the way, I can´t get over that snake design on your sandals. I find it so cute even if I fear snakes. hahaha!

    Happy weekend to you too! :)

  9. oh wow, those sandals are really pretty! i've never bothered looking through Michael Antonio's collection, because i thought they only had high heeled shoes. now i want to go check it out!

  10. Oh, great top and sandals! I love the snake detail.

  11. gorgeous outfit. I really like those sandals, so cute!!

  12. i love DC! my fave is Hands Down. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to watch them because of work. bummer. :( i love your blog on a side note. :)

  13. the print of your tunic is soooo pretty !
    its perfect for summer !

    have a great weekend !

  14. LOVE those glad i found your blog off 'boat ride through the sky'!

    great photos!!

    chloe **

  15. love your location and great outfit, the colours go good together!! x

  16. Your sandals is so pretty... love these summer images. xoxo

  17. hi toni! i love that song too, so romantic.

    cute sandals, they look so good on your feet :)

  18. look how dashing you are !
    those sandals are great !!

    thanks for dropping by at my blog !
    visit / follow / comment me back..
    michelle @ glisters and blisters

  19. loooooooooooove ur shoes toni! and that top is amazziiiiiiiiing! xx

  20. oohh y are rdy for summer xoxo

    love y :))

  21. Oh wow, I really love your blog layout. It's simple!

    I love Stolen, it's one of my favorite Dashboard songs of all time.

    I am so mesmerized by your photos, such crisp and sharp images from vantage angles. AND amazing sense of fashion, of course.

    I'm a new follower! : )

  22. OMG I LOVE THOSE SNAKE SANDALS! ;) you look great toni!


  23. Hi Toni!
    It's been a while I haven't visited you...
    Did you have a new blog template?
    If so, love it, my dear!

    I love your outfit and your sandals, darling!

  24. that look is so fresh... perfect for the summer heat.

    please do visit my blog. maybe we can follow each other.

  25. Nice top and sandals, i'm so lovin the colors! <3

    Toni, there's this 8 Questions game and I tagged you! Please check out my blog when you have time.. :)

    Lee {}

  26. I love this outfit! Those sandals are crazy!!! I love them!

    You do have a great blog here :) Hope you don't mind me putting the link in my blog :)

  27. wow, your photos are getting more amazing in every post!
    love your photo where you were holding on that post!

    the snake sandals is really beautiful too! i wish i had cute feet like yours though...hehe.

    ♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

  28. oh my those sandals are super cute!!!

  29. those shoes are beautiful! i love it. your pictures look great!


  30. i like ur sandals! nice!

  31. i love the print on that top! and those sandals are pretty unique.



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