Beneath The Eucalyptus Tree

April 13, 2010

I said to myself that only after I receive my orders from GoJane this month will I allow myself to buy ANYTHING,
be it from the mall or the WWW, necessary or slightly unnecessary. hihi.
Penny-wise, I have kept myself within the confines of our house for the past couple of weeks to save me from going loco over summer mall sales and bazaars. And boy, did my strategy work! NO purchases whatsoever of nonessential stuff for almost a month now - read a planner entry scribbled just last Saturday. I was pleased ;)

So this morning, when my dad told me to accompany my sister to school and help her process some papers needed for graduation, I obliged happily knowing that my help would be greatly appreciated.

Fast forward to lunch time; feet were almost dying, brains getting fried by the scorching heat of the midday sun and I, Toni, was totally famished. My sister and I then decided to make quick stop at the mall to grab a bite at our fave fastfood chain and while there, we visited a few shops... Needless to say, my wallet broke her silence more than thrice. Hmpf. There goes my days of practicing self-control.

So while I waited beneath the Eucalyptus tree for my dad to finish his afternoon patient rounds, I contemplated my buys thoroughly and thought; I hardly need any of these :s

Black/White Striped Tee - Mango
Floral shrunken blazer - WAGW (What A Girl Wants)
Distressed jeans - Marconi
Red wedges - Gojane (through Power Retail)
Belt - SM Department Store
Red Sunnies - Old Navy (Power Retail)


  1. I love the shoes, they are super pretty!

  2. i love everything about this outfit! the jeans,the blazer, and the wedges.and of course the accessories!

    lovely photos too.xx

  3. toni!!! this has got to be my favorite among all your outfits...and i'm so envious na you mixed patterns: stripes + the red belt too!

    ♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

  4. your finds are pretty nonetheless hehe. I especially love the turquoise cuff.

    Ako rin I'm trying not to shop because I'm going on a trip haha. The thought of being bankrupt in another country makes me drop any purchases.

  5. hey toni,

    just read your tweet and message me anytime or pm me your number on FB for the meet up....can't wait to see you take care love!!!!


    I love the jacket and the turquoise cuff....

    take care!


  6. i love the floral blazer. very summery. I love you, really i do cos you still manage to dress up on piles of clothes despite our summer heat. You're not giving up on fashion.

    have a great day toni

    I am Denise Katipunera

  7. Oh Toni, I know what you mean. After practicing self-control for the past days, being subjected to the sights and smell of the stores is really bad. The tendency is to buy anything.

    I love your outfit... the stripes with the floral really worked. Great styling and I love your shoes!!!

  8. i like the accessories! i agree the beach colors are catchy

    The ViXeN's LaiR

  9. ooooh, that jacket is pretty! will have to check out WAGW again soon!

  10. WOWOWOW! you are so chic.toni!kagwapa oi..i love the photos and ofkors the outfit!the floral blazer and shoes are my favorites!!!
    wala pa pud ko kabeach dai.this weekend pa.hihi
    suya gani ko kay daghan beach dinha sa cebu,mas beautiful kesa diri.:)

  11. Love the outfit! ESP the Red shoes and the cuff!!! I need something like that to wear to a function this weekend! The hunt is on!


  12. Hahaha! Tell me about self-control. I don´t have that either. Love your jacket, Toni and all your bangles too!

  13. oh, i love the tree you are under! and the touches of red from your belt and shoes are so pretty. :)

  14. Supercool bf jeans! they go perfectly with the floral blazer. Great look!

  15. I love all the colors. Nice blog.

  16. AHH! I love your floral blazer.

  17. I love these photos! Your outfit is adorable and I especially love that floral jacket. So pretty. :)

  18. your blazer is really really cute!
    and your outfit too

  19. Hello! Wow you have a nice blog too :)
    Nice blazer and shoes!
    I just revived my old blogspot account which I never got to use. Thanks for your comment on my site. Once I figure out blogspot (am still confused. Haha). I'll move here too or maybe maintain both. :)


  20. I love your shoes and jacket!

  21. i love your bracelets !
    and the G11 wasnt mine :) it was my friends actually..ahhaha.. G11 is quite easy to find in camera shops in Indonesia, but im not sure if it's easy to find in your country :)

    michelle ||

    G11 is actually my friends' ..ahahha . the camera is pretty easy to find in any camera shops in indonesia.. but not sure if it's easy to find in your country :)

    michelle ||

  23. LOVE how you mixed stripes with a floral print. I'm all about it. lovely.


  24. gorgeous! love your rings
    love your blog too
    great posts
    stop by some time xx

  25. i see what you did here babe. love the mix of prints! ;) and this story could have been honestly be mine. happens to me, A LOT!


  26. hi toni , very cool outfit,
    nice bracelets, i like stripes t-shirt looks wow

    enjoy week end

  27. Luv everything about your outfit! xx

  28. I love your outfit, but especially love the jacket!! Looks so Springy!

  29. Toni, thanks for the birthday wishes... you made my day! xoxo

  30. I love your red shoes!! They are so pretty! Your blog is lovely too so I am your newest follower! :)



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