MusicFest Experience

February 9, 2010

Another backblog, yes.
I've been feeling a little lousy these past couple of days.. It's the time of the month and the cramps are KILLING ME! Good heavens, I am already on pain medication overdose and it still has little to no effect on me at all. I must be very synsethized to the drug now but whatevs! Will take sleeping pills to help me get through this night without feeling the slightest muscle twitch. Haha!

Anyhoo, this was last Friday's outfit; I had the grandest of time watching the Jabbawockeez perform! They're quite a talented bunch and when they break?? Hands down, beybeh! I never really thought that I'd be into Bboys (Break Boys) but Rainen is just so mm hmm! Haha! Seriously, the guy's really good at breakdancing and he's awfully cute too! Nevermind that he's married, he's still worth crushing on! =D

Additionally, Boyce Avenue and Kris Allen were equally amazing. Their renditions of billboard-topping hits blew the roof off and left me half-deaf from all the singing, screaming and shrieking! Haha!
Overall, Musicfest 2010 was a success and I am now looking forward to next year's bigger(?!) event.
Hooray for scrumptulescent music!
My feet were killing me after an hour or so of walking hence the change of footwear. 
Good thing I brought along my trusty ol' t-straps!
And and and I just super LOVE this peacock print chiffon top from my cousin! i fell in love with it right away! The pictures don't do it justice. THANKS ATE LOT!

On a different note, the very stylish Nina of Ballerina's Closet Obsession passed on this award to me and I am overwhelmed!  
Thank You Nina!
Oh and her Giveaway contest is still underway, you gorgeous ladies should join! Up for grabs is a Turquoise ring and it's an absolute beauty!

So now I'm passing this award to:
Hazel of Foolishxlady
Dane of Trust Me, It's Paradise
Raisa of Style Fool
Jing of Jing Pinay

It's raining AWARDS here! My warmest thanks to the lovely Jing of Jing Pinay for this Hi Fashion Award!
This inspires me in more ways than one and I am tremendously flattered!
Visit Jing's site, i am sure you will love her! I am beyond jealous of all her thrifted goods!

  This I am passing on to:

Jess of Wild Tortoise
Noelle Chantal of Noelle Chantal
Kookie of Death by Platforms
Dred Reveries

Have a lovely evening everyone!
<3 Toni

Jane Norman Chiffon Top - Ate Lot 
Random Bazaar Shorts 
Red flats from Mom THANK YOU! 
Bought online Old Navy T-straps (Power Retail)
Promod Drawstring Bag 
LC Earrings and Pendant - from Mom 
Forever21 Turquoise Cocktail Ring


  1. oh toni, super thanks for the award! and im envious that you got to see Jaba!!!! they rock my socks!

  2. - love the ring ! and you have really nice long legs , super jealous lol :)

    great blog!

  3. such a nice blog =)

    keep going on.

    visit & follow me.

  4. Aw, thank you for the award! I havent had much time to update my blogs lol.

    I never got into Jaba when they were the hottest thing out lol.

  5. omg...rainen is soooo cute!!!! :D
    i wish i could have seen the show...but had to work...boohoo....

    ps. very chic and laidback outfit...perfect for a music fest jud...

  6. oh toni! this made my day.a big thank you and hug to you girl. mura man sad ta anig si kate winslet.daghan awards.hahaha.char lang!

    you are so gorgeous in this love it.esp. ang top.and toni, you remind me of toni gonzaga.and vice versa.both smart and beautiful ba.way sagol nga atik na dai ha.hihi

    p.s. your ate is pretty too.:)

  7. that must of been an awesome performance! i believe my cousin was there too :)

    anyways, loving your casual bag! it completed your outfit perfectly

  8. thanks for the award, Toni! and you look really pretty and blooming in that outfit. love the huge ring! looks like you had so much fun there! :)

  9. Hi Toni..

    Thank you very much for the award. I appreciate it. And yeah, you got to see the Jabawockeez. My boyfriend is ecstatic about them. WOW..

    Thanks again!!! <3

    visit and follow

  10. hi toni, just stumbled across your blog and i really like what i saw.
    your blouse is very nice and the overall style is so laidback-chic. amazing hair, too!

  11. Thanks for the award.. your blog is lovely!

  12. I changed your link.

  13. i serously love your top toni! gorgeous kaayo ka! =)
    congrats on your award. more awards to come!


  14. wow legs, i love that peacock top.

  15. too bad i didn't see you there love! but it was an incredible show, ya? looking very coachella right there!

    happy hearts day!


  16. Great blog dear.

    Love the outfit and the favorite color...

    New fan now...

    Take Care


    I have 3rd forever21 homecoming giveaway for Cebu Residents only. You might check it out.

  17. aww thanks for the award sweetie! i love that top on you - the print is great :)

    thanks for your comment !

  19. many thanks for the sweet comments .
    visit - follow - comment me

  20. Hi my dear Toni!
    You look glamorous in that peacock top.
    Saan concert 'to? sa Cebu rin?

  21. first thing i thought of when i saw your outfit, I LOVE YOUR TOP! :) hahaha. i want one just like it plus its just the right amount of color for this summer season :) love it! :)

  22. Love these colours on you!...and you have super hot legs!


  23. sorry for backtracking, i was there too! haha! i was with liezyl during this one! haha! akalain mo!



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