Southern Skies

June 9, 2009

Our long overdue joyride. The fam decided to hit the road, break-in the new SUV and head down south. We've all been wanting to visit Boljoon Church once again cos our last visit was approximately 8 years ago and we kinda missed the place. There's just something about this small town that makes us want to visit more often. If only Boljoon wasn't that far, we'd surely spend most of our weekends there (WANTED: space cars! lol)
Also, my sister had wanted to make the Escuela Catolica as one of her (photography) subjects since its been featured in numerous local magazines being one of Cebu's historical structure that's been kept in perfect unaltered condition. There is also this tree-lined road featured in one of SM's massive walls that captivated us. They had said that it was a part of Alcoy town but apparently, the photographer or whoever was in-charge of the project didn't pay much attention as to where he was taking breathtaking snapshots. The road I'm talking about is a part of Oslob town which is a town away from Alcoy. Sometimes, it's better to write things down rather than rely on your memory cos more often than not, trivial details are forgotten.
Along the way, we also dropped by my mom's close friend's house at Taloot, Argao. It was sooo good to see her smile so widely when she saw us walk through her mini mart door. It's been ages since they last saw each other and when she fell ill a couple of months ago, all she ever wanted was to see my mom. It was surely a heart warming moment.
On a lighter note, lola spent the better part of the trip sleeping. haha. She surely missed out on a lot of beautiful seaside sceneries.
I've said this once and I'll say it again, southern Cebu towns has a lot more to offer when it comes to overwhelming natural seaside views than any other northern towns combined. The western part is an entirely different story.
Anyway, featured in this blog are the Argao and Boljoon churches, Escuela Catolica and the infamous tree-lined road of Oslob.
Would like to thank once again my sister for all occasions, Rose, for my pictures and my dad as well who certainly had a good time tinkering with the camera. hehe!

On Me:
• MAGS polka dot ruffled chiffon top
• Lee white shorts
• Guess black belt
• Old Navy chainlink thongs in Green (to order @ Power Retail)
• Mango Sunnies
• Promod drawstring bag
• Mosaic amber ring*
• The Bead Shop bracelet*
• Loop earrings and necklace*
*from mom and dad


  1. i love how u looked so effortlessly chic in this outfit.

    and yeah i agree. southern cebu has d best beach and sceneries. no wonder why i always end up day dreaming while on the road there.

  2. the architecture is just amazing! ;) and your outfit is great.. i want that top! hehe! can't wait to read more from your blog... :)

  3. Hi I love how you tile your photos like that. You've got to teach me sometime :)

  4. very refreshing and chic, T.:) so appropriate for travel down south-- i love it there too! my family is from Ginatilan so we oft make trips there. love your pekpek shorts too!

    much love

  5. Oh i love all the photos, especially the old house with two sets of stairs!!!! wow! when i have my own house ill do that. hihihihi.

    btw i love what your wearing so cute, plus you have a great body.

    Cebu looks really lovely, last year we were at Bohol for 4 days, and we took the ferry to Cebu just to meet a friend, but we never got to roam around. I wonder kelan ulit kami makakapunta ng Cebu?

  6. thanks everyone for all your lovely comments!

    @ Eden: i've never been to Ginatilan! hopefully, when the fam has enough time for another road trip, we'll go and visit ur place. we still haven't toured around Cebu that much yet.

    @ Denise: thank u for the compliment. im actually trying to gain weight cos I've been getting lots of neg feedbacks from family and friends lately :( said im too skinny.
    u should come and visit Cebu sometime. I'm sure you and ur hubby will like it here :)



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