Lalamove’s Affordelivery: Bringing good cups of coffee home

With prices of basic necessities at an all-time high, Lalamove continues to bridge the logistical gap between businesses and consumers at the same affordable rates. The 24/7 same day, on-demand delivery platform remains Cebuanos' go-to because it stays dedicated to being the Expert in Affordelivery. 

The Good Cup Coffee Company has been serving brews since 2018. During the onslaught of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, they launched their online store and teamed up with Lalamove to continue their day-to-day operations amid lockdowns and border restrictions and bring their coffee products to Cebuanos. 

After almost five years in the business, the homegrown coffee brand has expanded its market across Cebu, the country, and the world, and continues to provide door-to-door delivery services with the help of Lalamove. “Lalamove’s ‘rate-friendly’ Affordelivery and strategic logistics service have pushed us to thrive at the height of the pandemic and they continue to assist us with our operations up to this day,” said Gio Visitacion, president of Good Cup Coffee Company. 

Here are three reasons why Lalamove remains to be Good Cup Coffee Company’s trusted delivery partner:

Competitively Priced Services


Lalamove understands cost-saving is the priority of small business owners. To help them fulfill consumers’ need while maintaining a manageable cost level, Lalamove offers reasonable rates while still putting a premium on service and customer convenience reflected in its convenient delivery features and hassle-free in-app user experience.


“[Lalamove] is very reliable in terms of tracking at the same time, the delivery lead time is very fast, it has a very user-friendly interface, it also extends a very friendly rate for businesses,” said Visitacion.


With a fixed price of P48 for the first 5KMs for motorcycles, moving in increments of P7 per KM after the first 5KMs, consumers are already able to enjoy Lalamove’s different delivery features, reliable customer service and hassle-free delivery across the island.


Extensive Logistical Scope


The heart of Lalamove is its trustworthy delivery service – this encompasses more than just partner drivers and vehicles customers can count on, as their reliability also extends to a vast logistical coverage made available to all Cebuanos. 


Its island-wide delivery service makes it possible for Good Cup Coffee Company to send brews to customers swiftly and safely across the province at an affordable rate. Plus, its multi-stop feature can make same-day deliveries to up to 20 customers – an added convenience for any business owner.


Lalamove’s long-distance routes have economically fair costs, with a fixed price for the first 40KMs starting at P310 for Small Trucks and P1,450 for Big Trucks.


Multiple Vehicle Options


Lalamove has a fleet of motorcycles, sedans, MPVs, vans, 4-wheelers, 6-wheelers, and even 10-wheeler trucks that can accommodate a wide array of requests such as delivering small food packs to huge boxes. 


For the team behind Good Cup Coffee Company, Lalamove’s fleet of vehicles makes it easy to arrange deliveries of coffee products and store essentials, may it be heavy duty machines, large boxes and sacks of coffee beans or daily orders of cold brew bottles and espresso bundles.

Lalamove’s large and spacious vehicle options make certain that deliveries come intact. They come with budget-friendly rates starting with 4-wheelers like the Sedan, at P102, and the MPV, at P120.


If you’ve got a business that values delivery efficiency and customer experience as much as we do, then Lalamove is the next best thing for you,” said Visitacion.

Because of value for money delivery service for consumers, monthly rebates for business owners, and efficient in-app features, Lalamove remains a top choice for delivery platform apps in today’s competitive market.

Learn more about Lalamove’s consumer-friendly app features or explore more business solutions and the many possibilities it can do to your business flow by opening a Lalamove Corporate Account at or through the Lalamove app. For more information and updates, follow Lalamove on Facebook, Instagram, and on TikTok



Launched in the Philippines in late 2016, Lalamove is an on-demand logistics company that matches drivers with customers and SME businesses to fulfill same-day deliveries. Lalamove’s mission of making local deliveries faster and simpler across North, Central, and South Luzon, and in Cebu is achieved through innovations such as instant order matching, real-time GPS vehicle tracking, 24/7 services, and a driver rating system. Lalamove allows these businesses to scale their deliveries and operations at an accelerated rate. Lalamove now operates in over 40 cities across Asia and Latin America. Visit Lalamove’s website:

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