MY SHOPPING GUIDE | The SM City Cebu 3 Day Sale

Prepared a shopping guide because I am a serious shopper like that. Ha! 

The SM City Cebu 3 Day Sale happening this July 13-15, 2018 is definitely a must-go/must-visit/must-shop for me because 
1) some home essentials are due for an upgrade, 2) my wardrobe needs an update and 3) my shoe closet needs an update. (Nothing is more valid than that!)

So like all the other sale weekends, I went to SM City Cebu a week before the actual sale to check out items and make the ultimate shopping guide because I am a very indecisive human and I tend to go around in circles in an attempt to look for other deals when in reality, I was just wasting time and effort. Can you guys imagine my husband's frustration? For someone who is very organized, whose schedule runs like clockwork, I say this is pretty frustrating but the good thing about having someone who understands (read: tolerates) your indecisiveness is the fact that he helps you deal (read: corrects) your crazy ways so he'd always suggest to make a list. ALWAYS MAKE A SHOPPING LIST.

So this is me learning to take heed.


The SM Store (formerly known as SM Department Store) carries products that cater to five main worlds: Men's, Women's, Children's, Beauty and Home. And whenever I shop at SM City Cebu, I always check the HOME level first because the 3rd level is where I usually park. Haha! Seriously though, my aptitude for domestication is all the more prominent, thanks to 6 years of marriage and a natural inkling for styling spaces.

Currently looking for pretty frames and wall decors for our living room and bedroom, and while I can hang my own painting or calligraphy work, this momma's still on painting/calligraphy hiatus so my best bet? Buy the next pretty artwork I see!

Gotta make room for other house decors because i like switching things up a bit. On days when I want a little change of scenery without heading out, I change house decors, linens, curtains, etc. so staying in doesn't feel like a total drab. It may not seem like it's the best solution but trust me, making that little change can make a whole lot of difference to your mood.

I am slowly organizing Vania's room and in there houses a lot of other house stuffs that need sorting-- most of which are my will-use-soon decors, her toys and school supplies, and my husband's knick knacks. I will be needing stackable drawers to organize all these so I'm eyeing these high quality plastic drawers that I can stack neatly inside her closet. Those, and a tabletop vanity mirror too!

Can a girl have one too many acrylic organizers?! I could use a few small acrylic drawers to store all my lipsticks because some of them have taken temporary shelter in my workspace drawer-- leaving me no space for my pens. That means, I now could use a utility cart to store all of my crafting/painting/calligraphy materials--

The best alternative to the ever so popular Raskog cart? This utility cart of course! It's cheaper than the Raskog but works/functions just as well I'm sure!

My husband and I share a jewelry drawer and while the acrylic dividers serve their purpose well, our watches would always end up being laid out on our shelves like we're letting them soak up the A/C to collect moisture and dust. So I'm thinking of finally getting us a watch box organizer or a bigger jewelry box to store all them bling blings. So 1990s. Haha! Just a heads up: some jewelry boxes are on sale now! In case you guys don't want to wait until the 3 Day Sale weekend!

I am also looking for an accent chair to add to our living room, a pretty chair for my work space, and a quirky stool for Isabel's room. 

The SM Store has all these and more and I am crying buckets because they no longer have the suede arm chair in blush! Wanted to get that to use as my desk chair but I guess we'll be settling for what's available then, hoping and wishing to the cosmos new colors/designs will surface come sale day!

This plant momma is forever in search of pretty pots to house her babies and these owl pots would make the perfect addition to my growing owl collection!

If you're thinking of adding a little green to your space but couldn't quite commit to a whole jungle yet, there are faux plants to help you get the hang out things.

Pantry organizers esp the ones I can put in a corner because mine's a mess and I hate wasting pantry space.

Water bottles because Vania's school water bottle needs an update and mine doesn't hold much to last me through the night.


Aaah, yes! Who would miss checking out their shoes?! Parisian is always known for carrying up to date pieces at reasonable prices and these woven flats are the perfect example to that claim!

Add to that their everyday flats that are always on trend too! They're always selling like pancakes (esp the size 7 ones) so I usually don't wait until sale day to snag these must-haves!


Why, yes! More basket bags please!
The sales associate told me that these are lunch boxes but this momma's got another use for these wicker babies-- an everyday purse! I wen't on my Instagram Stories to ask you guys which one to get and most of you said to get the Cactus design (thank you!) but this momma's indecisive so she got two! Can you guess the other one? ;) And for the price of P299.00, how can I not indulge?!


We already know that SM Woman department is a treasure chest-- not once did I not find a piece of clothing I want need every time I visit. And because no visit is ever complete without dropping by this department, and that my wardrobe ahem needs an update, a try-on was definitely in order!

Another thing that I always look out for whenever there's a sale in town is the SWIMWEAR deals

I update my stash yearly and while you may think that this sounds like an expensive habit, it really is not because I usually buy them during sale season and then wear them the next Summer. That way I have "fresh" swims every Summer because the stores no longer carry these designs. You see, being stylish doesn't necessarily have to be expensive, you just gotta be a smart shopper!


One might ask where's my shopping guide for Kids, don't worry, it will be posted on a separate post because SM Kids deserve a special feature! Posting it this week and before the SM 3 DAY SALE of course so you guys can have a sneak peek of what will be on sale next week!

So to give you guys a rundown of THE BIG SM CITY CEBU 3 DAY SALE schedule:

SM PRESTIGE FRIDAY. Enjoy extra 10% off on July 13 (whole day) if you're a Prestige Card holder.
SMAC SATURDAY. Extra 10% off on July 14 | 9AM to 12NOON only.
SUNDAY SPECIAL. Extra 10% off on July 15 | 5PM to 7PM only.

Friday & Sunday: 10AM - 10PM
Saturday: 9AM - 10PM

Participating Stores for SMAC Promos:
The SM Store • ACE Hardware • Our Home • Toy Kingdom • Miniso • Adidas • Levi's • Baby Company
SM Appliance Center - 5% off on great selections
Uniqlo - Saturday and Sunday only
Surplus - 10% off on regular priced items
Forever21 - 10% off on regular priced items
The Body Shop - Friday only

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