OUTFIT: Everyday Street Style at Planet Exchange Cebu

Growing up, my dad would always buy us long sleeves linen shirts whenever he's in the capital for a convention. He'd come home to a handful of these and they were always in White. He'd tell us to wear it to church, to family dinners, to social gatherings with relatives. 
But honestly, I never really liked the idea.
I did not like it because I never understood why I had to wear it over my body hugging tops and favorite tees. I thought it needed too much time to get dressed- folding the sleeves EQUALLY, making sure my collars pop and the hem all tucked in neatly. Who was I kidding, right? Sure, my mom loves all things linen, from tops, to pants, to curtains, to table runners and even bags. But linen shirts? It was too much of a bad piece of clothing for me back then.
Looking back, I never really noticed when I started loving it. All I know is that one day, I woke up to a handful of long sleeves linen shirts in my closet and it was all i wanted to wear. True swear. I guess somehow, at some point in my rebellious college self, my dad's love for L/S shirts and my mom's fascination with all things linen rubbed off on me making me hoard of what is now a closet staple thus defining my everyday street style.

In today's fast fashion trend, I am always on the look out for this closet must-have as they do not stay in the shelves for long. Good thing Planet Exchange SM Cebu offers not only the latest fashion trends but also pieces that transcends both time and trend like this White Linen Shirt. They carry a huge selection of clothing style for all shapes and sizes, making them a favorite style destination for Cebu's trendsetters. Located at the 2nd floor of SM City Cebu, Planet Exchange is accessible as it is a good place for all your fashion cravings. Whether you're looking for budget-friendly OOTDs or the more splurge-worthy ensembles, I am sure you won't leave PX empty-handed. 

Planet Exchange Linen L/S top and Denim Joggers. Nine West pumps.

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