EATS: Yakitori Binchotan in Cebu

Yakitori is commonly a Japanese type of skewered chicken but can also refer to skewered food in general. It is made with several bite-sized pieces of chicken meat and mounted on
a bamboo skewer and grilled, usually over binchōtan charcoal.

Binchō-tan or white charcoal is a traditional charcoal in Japan. It is a type of hardwood charcoal and it's raw material is oak.

Yakitori Binchōtan is set to bring life to diners' tables with original dishes enjoyed in Hokkaido, Japan's culinary center. 

Gerry's Group of Restaurants has partnered with the original owners of Yakitori Binchotan- Chefs Yoshi Ishise, Tomio Hakada and Nuri Suzuki for the new venture. 

“We aim to bring guests as close as possible to the true Yakitori experience,” said Gerry Apolinario, president and chief operating officer (CEO) of Gerry’s Group of Restaurants.

Just the other week, I had to privilege to try some of their delectable dishes and for someone who is crazy for anything grilled, i was ecstatic! it's not always that you find an open kitchen restaurant here in Cebu where you can see your orders being prepared, your meat grilled without you squinting your eyes because of smoke or you smelling like a grilled unicorn during or right after dinner.
their open kitchen boasts of spacious countertops and imported grillers ensuring quality in food preparation and presentation.

Chicken Shio and Tare. tender and full of flavor, definitely my favorite dish that night!

seriously, who doesn't love a marinated to perfection pork belly?? this is of course a no-brainer, you guys.

nothing like a bowlful of greens to complement all your tasty skewered favorites!

Tsukune with poached egg. this is a japanese style chicken meatball that is sure to give you a taste of Hokkaido. I know this because my parents told me so. haha!
they tried quite a few new dishes while they were in Japan and this was one of them.
Now I know where to take my parents to dinner next week!

Visit Yakitori at Lightsite Parc along AS Mandaue Street.

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