OUTFIT: Summer Colors

Summer's coming to a close which is totally okay because the heat is just unbearable! And this dry spell that's been plaguing Cebu has been at it for quite some time now and we definitely need rain sooner rather than later. Besides, Summer is just a state of mind, right?
But before I bid it adieu, here's a little throwback post to when I had long hair and wearing bright summer prints to compliment the weather.

Is it too obvious that I am sooo in love with my hair in this post? HAHA!
forgive the fixation but i'm sure you all know how light and smooth your hair feels after a treatment. i will be blogging about my haircare regimen- both salon and at home treatments so stay tuned for that one! in the mean time, enjoy the rest of the long weekend!

xo, toni

photos by: @helloqua 

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