OUTFIT: Monkey See, Monkey Do

my sister and i went through a planet of the apes kind of moment when we had to pass by a rather jealous female monkey to get here. it felt like an obstacle course before reaching this part of the mangrove trail. going there was a problem, getting out was a disaster! she was tied to the pillar of a shed where people from the barangay would gather on some occasions. unfortunately for us, no one was there, not a single soul saw us struggle to walk past the very angry female. she'd swing back and front, making the rope tied around her belly roll all the way down to her hips so that when she swings again, we'd be within reach and there would be no way we could walk past the 2-meter walkway without her grabbing either my shirt, my hair or my eyeballs. it was crazy and my sister was on the verge of tears! haha! luckily, after what seemed like forever (it was the longest 10 mins of our lives! haha!) 2 kids walked past the entrance and we just had to shout at the top of our lungs for help. they hesitated at first, thinking we were some kind of looneys with the girl eyeing us suspiciously. but they were kind enough to help us, the boy even tried to calm the monkey down but his distraction did not work. another 10 minutes of prolonged agony when another lucky star in the form of a manong came and.. EMANCIPATION!

yes my friends, all that trouble for a beautiful spot like this for an outfit post.
i know im not the only one. i can see you nodding in agreement. ;)

have a lovely weekend ahead!

xo, toni

cotton on top. similar: halter top
forever21 trouser. similar: tropical print trouser
sm parisian flats. similar: ankle strap pointed flats
pandora charm bracelet from the husband <3

photos by my sister @helloqua 

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