OUTFIT: In Mint Condition

a preview of the items i will be selling tomorrow at Threadcycle yard sale at The Terraces, Ayala Center Cebu.

this Mint Forever21 top is up for grabs tomorrow!

this week has been nothing short of crazy! my friends and i have been running around town trying to prepare for the yard sale that is happening tomorrow. trying, being the operative word, because we're still not done with all the preparations. heck, we haven't even finalized our inventory and price tagging. seriously, just how fast time flies, right? 

i have been receiving messages asking for a sneak peek of what i will be selling while some wants to already reserve and buy. in as much as i want to accommodate all your requests, i am so swamped with a bajillion of to-do lists that i can barely sit in front of my laptop to blog about the said event. but now that i am here, after what seemed like forever of climbing up and down our stairs to bring all items to our living from the 2nd room, i will give you guys a little preview of the stuff that i will go up on sale tomorrow.

please take note that i am not only selling my stuff, i am also selling some of Vania's old clothes and shoes so if you have little girls, 1-2 years, be sure to visit our booth to check on the items!

on another note, for every P500 minimum worth of purchase, you will get a free and original 5X7 watercolor painting or a calligraphy print made by either me, Issa or Jean. and because we encourage everyone to Go Green, if you can bring your own reusable tote, you will get another free print of either the calligraphy or watercolor original. okay, that was quite a mouthful. haha.

and lastly, free (one) metallic tattoo application for our first 50 customers!
mark your calendars, tell your friends and see you all there!

some items for sale:
Zara striped top
Miranda Clothing mini dress
Forever21 denim jacket
Forever21 Dress and Topshop white sneakers
everything we're wearing in this photo is for sale save for Vania's Pabder shoes :)
top, linen pants and shoes are for sale
top and wide-leg pants
any pregnant readers our there? selling this dress and bib necklace!
selling this dress and jacket too!
midriff top and sleeveless denim jacket

*a portion of the proceeds will go to iLearners Inc., a non-profit organization dedicated to eliminate rural illiteracy by donating a complete set of school supplies to children from their adapted communities. so please help us in supporting iLearners Inc for this very good cause!

*iLearners will also accept art/school supplies donations on the said event. there will be a designated booth for that so please visit their information desk this weekend too.

*for a sneak peek of the original prints giveaways, follow me on instagram @tonipino or issa @issaplease or jean @jeancyu :)

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