Mommy Diaries: Being a shutterbug and why it matters

i am slowly putting this blog in order, from meticulously categorising each post, to placing appropriate labels, to revamping the overall look and theme- making it more streamline, embracing the minimalist design bordering on almost stiff and monochromatic. somehow, i always feel the need to re-do this blog's theme every now and then. i even want to incorporate some of my watercolor art but that can wait until i learn how to digitize my prints well enough to be posted here. i am still in the middle of organizing my backlogs (some as old as 6 months ago! haha!) and making a time frame for when they will all go live here on the blog. i have so much stuff to share but before i post all of them starting with our El Nido from last year, here's a little then-and-now post of Vania in Camotes.

three years ago, my cousins dragged my sibblings and i to Camotes for some needed chill time. when we got to Lake Danao, some tourists were already heading out to visit a nearby cave so basically, we had the whole place to ourselves- a rarity these days and i dont think i need to explain why. so my sister and i grabbed the opportunity for an impromptu maternity shoot. i was 5 months pregnant then, posing on the boardwalk and waddling my way to the Sakanaw :D

last month, i went back there with my family and Rose and I just had to recreate the moment. 
has it really been 3 years?

time flies so fast and im just happy that i have a shutterbug for a sister who helps me document all of life's important milestones. i have a bajillion of albums of Vania from the day she was born, to when she had her ears pierced, to her first beach trip, her first steps, to when she first rode her bike, her first plane ride, to the many times she sinks into her pink table to paint- little and big milestones that needed documentation. photographs that i hope will one day paint a thousand smile on Vania's face as she scans through each one of her baby albums. but somehow i know that she will take delight in keeping and going through old photos of her because that is how i always feel every time i go through mine. 

"taking pictures is savoring life intensely, every hundredth of a second."
-marc riboud

photos taken by my brother Joey :)

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