OUTFIT: Summer Crush

April 1, 2015

i do not always experiment on colors- be it a bag, a pair of shoes or even a piece of clothing. i try to always stick to what works for me, skin color-wise. so i always go for pieces of clothing that doesn't make me look too dark or too washed out, and going shopping with this priority in mind is habit-forming. case in point, making a beeline to a rack that displays a a variety of primary and/or secondary colors and a couple of neutrals but never, ever, the colors in between. ignoring the fact that i just scribbled on a notepad that my skirt army needs a colorful little soldier to break the monotony. and judging from the way my closet is organized, this is my first time ever to own a skirt in this gorgeous lemon yellow color. the fact that this skirt sits atop a couple of black, dark blue and gray skirts is in itself a reminder that i need to venture out of my comfort zone and experiment more. and to not hasten the process of experimenting with colors, i paired this skirt with a plain white cropped top, color-coordinated sandals and bag, and a little more pop of color in this Forever21 Turquoise necklace. i have been wanting to try for the longest time the print on print trend but i just couldn't bring myself to actually get used to it so i always change at the last minute! so, okay. didn't i just say that i will try to experiment more? haha! 

more of my sartorial experimentations on instagram! find me @tonipino :)

SM GTW top. Zara skirt. Forever21 cleated sandals.
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