April 25, 2015

i have been blogging for 6 years now, a couple of hiatuses every now and then, but i've been purging my thoughts into this blog for that long. at one point, i wanted to stop posting all because i thought i lost my love for writing, and taking pictures and having my picture taken. but you know, if it is something you are passionate about, you will always find yourself itching to rekindle that old love and once you have that newfound vigor in you, there's just no stopping it because you will always see it all the way through.

i always tell myself that every time i come back from a long hiatus, i have to take effort in revamping the blog in some way just to get that feeling of newness as familiarity may sometimes be an old hat. this time around, i did not want to redo the overall look of my blog as that would mean long(er) nights because i always make the changes myself (and my 1-semester in BSIT is of no help. really.) so the sister and i decided to take on a different approach in taking my pictures. we are now (temporarily) saying goodbye to my favorite dreamy, soft blur effect and slowly incorporating stronger shadows and more defined iridescence. talking like a pro but not really. haha. there's just something about the golden hour that makes one feel like a total pro even when one is just an enthusiast. i still cant get over that gorgeous golden hue so excuse me while i bask in these photos' dreamy color play of reds and yellows.

Let's Stylize Satin Vanna top. Forever21 trousers. Primadonna heels. 

photos by my sister Rose (@helloqua)

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