if there is one thing i learned about being a mommy that always makes me nod in approval when other mommy friends say the same thing, is the idea that you will always put your kid's interests above yours.
case in point, swimming pools.
i grew up to my mom and dad always taking us to the beach almost every weekend. i learned how to swim and stay afloat at this public beach that is now nonexistent. nang piling's little piece of sea and sand will always have a special place in my heart and i bet every one of my friends in mactan feels the same way too. we were always at this public beach until the crowd got rowdy that at one point, dad had to deal with a brazen drunk fellow after he told him to steer his boat away from where us kids were swimming (and we were just right in front of our cottage.) that was the last time i remember going to nang piling's place and since then, we would book our beach trips in nearby hotels and resorts. this was when i grew fond of swimming pools. who wouldn't be when i was so used to salt water and the swimming pool was an entirely different experience, right? everytime we were at this favorite resort, i'd be in and out of the water from sun up until sundown and totally ignoring the beach that was just a few steps away from our room. i loved it too much that i got really excited when we moved to our village where the clubhouse was just a block away from my parents' house. i was there almost every weekend until my dad pointed out how allergic i (my siblings too) am to chlorine- what with patchy skin days after swimming and sneezing nonstop as if i could sneeze out my tonsils through my nose. hahaha! so i stayed away from swimming pools until recently when Vania would ask me every other day to "swim-a-pool, mommy!" so tell me, how can i stand not giving her this when she would give us contagious giggles in return? just look at that face!
like what they all say, always putting our children's best interest above our own ;)

photos by my sister Rose (@helloqua)
  1. this post gives me the feels... it seems like yesterday when you, me and Gizelle had a milk tea date nya baby pa kaayo si Vania adto <3 how big she has grown! you're doing so great, T :)