OUTFIT: Something Blue

August 31, 2014

For most of us, Black is the go-to color on days when we're faced with the dreaded closet crisis. but for me, i always reach for blue pieces, either in plain color or with prints. i guess this has something to do with the fact that black makes you look slimmer, a silhouette that i always try to avoid. For an ectomorph like moi, color, cut and style play a vital role when picking an outfit- the basic factors that i always consider when shopping or putting together an OOTD. sometimes i would build my outfit from the ground up, highlighting my footwear for the day. other times i would pick which bag to use and use it as my basis for that day's look. but more often than not, i dress depending on my mood and that would mean choosing a top that i feel most comfortable in- be it in color or cut. so on days when i am going for a more polished look, either for an event or a special occasion, expect that you will find me in something blue. ALWAYS.

and in something blue did my relatives find me in when i attended a cousin's debut party a month ago. you know, bithday parties make me count my age and as i was delivering my speech as one of Sam's 18 treasures, it dawned upon me that i will be turning 30 in a few months and i got really, and i mean really distracted. like, deym, need to double up on that eye cream and moisturizer! haha!

happy last day of August, everyone!
who's excited for the ber months??


Forever21 halter top. Zara skirt. Stradivarius heels. BCBG sequined purse. J. Crew earring from Tigerliliesshop


  1. Cute outfit :D

    Hope you enjoyed your weekend girl


    isa | My Blog: Stoer & Sexy

  2. looking lovely as always Toni <3
    I'm turning 30 next year too, yay cheers!

    Elle | http://blushpearls.com/

  3. you look stunning. :)



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