Toni Bakes: What To Expect


if i am not out planning world domination in heels and pearls, you can either find me in my kitchen wreaking havoc with my mixer and oven or in the garden arranging and re-arranging plants. it is both crazy and fun how married life totally changed my lifestyle. no, i wasn't the party-every-weekend type of single girl but i definitely did not have a green thumb back then. my parents spend their free time tending their garden while i spend mine either reading books or submerging myself completely in websites browsing and reading articles. so yes, i never gave gardening a try UNTIL i was presented with the reality that i have a patch of land in front of the house that needs to be taken cared of. as for cooking/baking, read my previous post to know what i have to say about it ;)
i have had friends and readers ask me to share some of my recipes. so to give you guys a little idea of what i will be sharing in the next couple of days, here's a rundown -in pictures ;)

simple moist chocolate cake i made for my husband's birthday

L: Chicken Bake   R: Cheese Biscuits

L: Vanilla Cupcakes i made for Isabel's birthday   R: Mango Mousse

L: Choco Marble Loaf   R: Mango Creamcheese Mousse

L: 3-cheese Baked Mac and Cheese   R: No-Bake Oreo Cheesecake

for this No-Bake Mango Cheesecake, you can find my recipe HERE.

love you, all!

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