Twinning with Mom: Pinstripes, Anchors and Rudders

i once told my sister Rose that once Vania starts to walk and is more observant of the things around her, i will have to change my style of dressing as well as my selection of shoes. This is so because my mom always told me that how a mother dresses influence greatly that of her children's choices later on in life. I never really understood this until I rekindled my love for everything linen- comfortable, simple and classy. I got all that from my mom who is as crazy for linen trousers as i am. So everytime I go shopping for my girls, i make it a point to make a conscious decision on what to buy, and even more so when i am buying for myself. As parents, it our responsibility to teach our kids the value of modesty. And by teaching, it means setting a good example by providing them with the proper "standards" to measure up to. Looking around for children's clothes is never easy nowadays what with the sudden surge of age-inappropriate skin baring tops or dresses for children as early as 1 year old. I've always thought that when I let Vania wear these, I would somehow hinder her from experiencing how it is being a child by rushing her into adulthood and letting her wear clothes fit for teen or tweens. whatever happened to adorable tulle skirts, empire cut dresses and soft flowy pants fit for active play?

i know that it is more about personal preference but I wouldn't be very comfortable when she's 16 and she wears a denim skirt short enough that it shows her underwear when she bends over or if she wears a tank top that shows off her d├ęcolletage at such a very young age all because I made her wear all these when she was about 4 or 5 or 6 years old. Modesty is a luxury nowadays but there is in no doubt that it really begins at home. 

on me:
Forever21 pinstripes L/S. Sexy Woman jeans. Topshop Tika slip-ons. Michael Kors watch

on Vania:
GGM Anchor and Rudder S/L polo. SM Babies pinstripe chinos. Pabder bambini loafers.
  1. Great and inspiring post! Though mine is a baby boy, I believe this applies to anyone with young kids! Lovely lovely post! :)