OUTFIT: Floral Palazzo Pants

May 27, 2014

i have a soft spot for palazzo pants. if you've been following this blog long enough, im sure you all have read my Personal Style Staple series featuring clothing styles that are must-haves in my closet. One featured item is the Palazzo Pants. I've come to love this trend after I saw a photo of my mom in her twenties wearing a cropped top paired with highwaist palazzo pants. The influence was so great that I came to love light and flowy linen trousers too, something that is a must-have in her closet. Since then, I hoarded these items, much to her and my dad's delight as they prefer these over tight skinny jeans. haha!

One incident I could never forget though that concerns linen trousers was when a friend of a friend commented why my sister and I wore pajamas while malling. YOU. DID. NOT. JUST. SAY. THAT. I gotta admit, this had me shaking my head mostly in disbelief and partly in amusement. Oh, wells. everyone is entitled to their opinion. Joan Rivers, is that you? lol

so, show me what's your take on the palazzo pants trend! comment with your link below so I can read your posts!


Ezra cropped top from Zalora. Forever21 Floral Palazzo Pants. 
Stradivarius heels. Topshop handbag


  1. gorgeous look Toni ! I love the white top it's a perfect cut and paired with the shoes it works so well on you !

    Lauren x

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  2. Love this!
    The pants are to die for
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