Summer Outfit: All Linen, All White

March 30, 2014

what better way to beat the summer heat than by wearing an all white ensemble and in one of my favorite material, linen? i hoard linen trousers, thanks to my mom for the influence. every time we're at the mall or at the ukay shops, we always make a beeline to the trousers rack and find us the lightest, most comfortable summer staple bottoms in any available color. this white pair im wearing is from Kohl's bought 3 summers ago during my LA trip. imagine my delight when i saw this on sale for only $8! i had to buy two of course since items like this hardly come in my size esp when they're on sale. and yes, they're that old. i make it a point to have all my linens handwashed so as not to break their delicate thread which causes them to wear easily. this, and special hangers for storage. so how do you guys take care of your linen items? share some tips! comment below and let me know!


GGM striped linen top
Rewind-Kohls linen trousers
trade fair find canvas bag
Tonic pointed sandals
Sunnies by Charlie Lana sunnies
wearing Happy Skin Shut Up & Kiss Me lippie in Just Married Shade


  1. thanks, lauren! i just voted for your blog. good luck! :*

  2. wow stunning look! you look absolutely fabulous :D

  3. thanks, kat! btw i sent you an email :)

  4. Great look! I love the top!


  5. Oh my! How beautiful you are! Your look is fabulous and the little one is such a cutie!

    ✿ ✿

  6. Toni, cutie pie kaayo si Vania oy. Grabe. DMD. Haha. Love this look, too. So classy and so you! In love kaayo ko sa imong instagram feed pud. :)

  7. Love this look on you! And omg $8 linen trousers??? What a steal! :)



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