Summer Dressing

March 17, 2014

this will be a quick outfit post since I have a post-dinner date with my cousins and the husband. the weather's been pretty crazy lately (so are my hormones) and the dry summer air makes it very difficult for me to keep my temper in check hence the very laidback ensemble. kidding! totally unrelated. haha! but seriously, i've started turning to flimsy shorts and light chiffon tops as summer staples. they're comfortable and airy, making the summer heat very tolerable. add a couple of cute midi rings and a pair of sexy ankle-strap mid-heel sandals and you're good to go. take this from morning to night by throwing in a cute long knit cardigan and you're ready to hit your local coffee shop or milk tea place for some post-dinner chill with your friends. so while you guys check out my photos taken by my sister Rose (@helloqua on Instagram) i will be making a beeline to my favorite deli shop! have a lovely Monday evening, loves!

forever21 chiffon top, midi rings and necklace
zara overrun summer shorts
primadonna sandals


  1. you have such a lovely figure and look very beautiful ! i hope you had a lovely time :)
    Lauren x

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  2. This is such a pretty springtime look! I absolutely love your shorts. I wish it were warm enough here to go bare-legged and sleeveless!! I'm still wearing coats :( I'll definitely have to find a pair of shorts like these for the warmer weather though!




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