Twenty Nine

January 4, 2014

time flies so darn fast when you're having so much fun. just like how my 2013 flew by so swiftly as with my being 28. 

because seriously, i remember going to Sinulog 2013 with my husband wearing our indian headdresses but now, we're counting down the days til Sinulog 2014. i remember carrying Vania for hours and hours on end but now my little butterball prefers to walk errr run. haha! i can still vividly remember my year's highlights and they're still as fresh in my memory as the grapes im eating now.
last year, when we rang in the new year, i secretly claimed it to be my year. i wanted it to be nothing short of perfect. and thankfully, despite the highs and lows, my 2013 proved to be a wonderful year not just for me but for my family as well. it is the very year that we moved into our very own place. the very year we declared independence from both our families. the very year my husband and i dedicated everything we are and everything we have to our own little family- it is but the greatest blessing and we are just thankful beyond words.
and just like how awesome my 2013 had been, my being 28 was equally wonderful too and i wouldn't have it any other way. i guess its all about having the proper mind-set, a sunny disposition and more importantly, by surrounding yourself with the people you love and who loves you just as much. so now that i turned a year older, there is in no way i am letting negativity get the best of me. beautiful people are those who see the best parts of you but still acknowledges the bad and still loves you for that. and i am blessed to have such people in my life. i am still rooting for happiness and good vibes and leaving no room for BS so people who try to bring you down and all naysayers be damned. to quote a very good friend of mine, people who pull you down will always be below you. i know, and i see this now.
so anyway, this is what i wore to our subdivision's christmas party. like i said in my previous post, December for me means sequins, glitters and pixie dust. haha! i love how they make everything more festive :) this is a very old top which i also wore to my 27th birthday dinner (read here) with my husband (errr boyfriend that time haha!) paired it with a 2013 hit, the skater skirt, for a more updated look :)
oh and btw, i came across this fun article while browsing my facebook newsfeed enumerating the 29 awesome things about being 29. its a fun read, trust me!
29 awesome things about being 29

but before reading that, watch my feet do a semi-circle happy dance. hahaha!
thank you Google for automatically generating this GIF :)
HAPPY 2014, errrbody!

old sequined top. GGM skater skirt. Parisian heels. 


  1. Gorgeous outfit! The dress and shoes are both amazing :) Glad to hear you've had a great year! Also, no way are you 29 - I hope I look as young as do when I'm in my late 20s!

    Thanks for visiting my blog :) happy new year!
    Helen at Hels Yeah! xx

  2. I'm happy that you had such a great 2013 and got a new place! Also love the quote about haters. So true!


  3. Love the entire look so gorgeous.

  4. Love your blog:)

  5. Happy new year! You look fabulous! ♥

  6. thank you, Helen! happy new year!

  7. thank you, charmaine!

  8. that's so sweet of you, rumela! thanks!

  9. i just had to share it! making it my new mantra! thanks, tiffy!

  10. thanks, Saci! followed you on GFC already!

  11. aww thats just sweet! thanks Helen! happy new year!

  12. You look adorable. Love the cute skirt and the sparkly top. Glad you had an amazing 2013! Wish you a happy new year and all the best for 2014!! May your dreams come true :)

    xx glamdevils

  13. New follower dear!! You are very beautiful my dear! I like your blog keep the good work.Lovely sandals!:)

  14. hahaha!!! #LIFEGOALS imy chy! see you around! :*



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