2013 Outfit Recap

January 7, 2014

2013 was a year of minimalism, comfort, jeans, jeans and more jeans!
for someone who just welcomed a new baby into the family, i chose outfits that i can easily move around in without sacrificing a little style. being a mom doesn't necessarily mean dressing a little less than smart or chic, one just needs to learn what works best for a specific body type and play around with pieces that flatter your figure.
and yes, jeans were my go-to pieces last year. jeans and a whole lot of comfortable tops!

so for 2014, im sprucing up my closet to add a little variety to my posts which means, i may have to let go of a few pieces. wardrobe overhaul for the new year, yes?


  1. i love, love love all the looks here! seriously, toni, you're like the fittest, prettiest, tonest mommy out there! haha, how do you do it?! its not fair for the rest of us mortals! haha

    happy new year love and hope to see you soon! xx

  2. Beautiful and sexy you from 2013, hah? Lovely outfits and pictures! Keep up the work ;)

  3. tons! wa ko koy mapili. tanan outfit are lovely! i love how you mix and match clothes. idol! ;)



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