Studded Perfection

December 17, 2013

two weeks before my husband left for work, we tried to squeeze in a couple of outfit shoots in between our busy schedule (read: bank errands, grocery shopping and of course, quality time lol) and this is one of the them. my previous post, Fields of Flora, was also taken a week before he left.

i know i shouldn't be all too sorry for posting nothing but casual ensembles lately but i'd be lying if i say i dont miss dressing up for no particular reason (or event.)
but you know, you cant run around the grocery store in 4 inch heels and sequined blazer and acrylic clutch with a baby in tow.  unless its that urgent and if you just came from a party or formal event.
so yeah. lately its been casual, laidback and flats everyday all day kind of days for me. but i promise to up the ante a little by posting something a little snazzy. but until then, here's a casual take on a white buttondown top, denim crop jeans and studded loafers.

and of course, the obligatory couple shot. haha! i miss you, chinks! <3

GTW SM dept white buttondown top. thrifted crop jeans. Primadonna studded loafers. 

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