Twinning with Mom: Vania at 11 months

there's just something about a comeback post that gets me emotional. and jittery.
i dont know if its the attachment to my blog which i'd forget everytime i dont feel like updating or if its the fear of not having enough creative juices to jumpstart another quarter of blog-active days. either way, i am crossing my fingers and hoping that i get to update this blog more frequently until 2014 rolls in.

i was gonna blog about the reason why i've been so out of the loop lately but i am still organizing my photos so i guess i'll just have to post it after this one.

my Vania bear at 11 months.
my girls Isabel and Vania

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  1. 3rd to the last photo, Vania, ayaw ka strong! Haha! Cute little girls, Toni. And welcome back! :)