BDJ Box: Unboxing my April Box

as with all my bdj unboxing post, this one is also late. i am usually compelled to post a box when i receive a new one but since the BDJ team is yet to ship out the May boxes, i still feel that posting this April loot without my May goodies is already an accomplishment. Ha! lame reasoning at its finest! haha!

unlike the previous special boxes (Loreal and Shiseido) this one came with an assortment of products. Out of the 9 products, 3 are my new favorites!

This month's theme, Oh, So Fresh! is very well suited for this crazy summer heat and one good way of feeling fresh as a daisy throughout the day is by making Celeteque Hydrolized Moisturizing Mist your new BFF.
I've tried a couple of popular face mists and I currently fave 2 favorites (will be doing a separate post) and this one is definitely at par with my most trusted brand. This is formulated with Fuji water that contains minerals for skin rejuvenation, elasticity and suppleness. I've been reaching for this one lately and so far, I am loving how it freshens my face without the sticky feeling.
another favorite is this Revlon Nail Art Moon Candy. i am all for nail art but my sister is crazy about them! she had a go at them first and from how I see it, she adores this one.

with a very likot baby girl, i always secure my hair in a ponytail or a bun since she loves to play with it. unless i want to be bald at 30, i can make do without a tie. but no. with my very fine hair, i make sure to keep it away from my butterball's little hands. so yes, this one is another favorite from the loot!

no mess, no spill! but this one i gave to my sister. dont ask me why. haha!

Bifesta Cleansing Lotion is Japan's first ever water-based makeup remover that not only cleanses, but nourishes deep down the skin. they say that this is a cheaper alternative to Shu Uemera but because i rarely use makeup these days cos my little girl is always touching and/or kissing my face, i will give this a try when i do and let you know how it goes.

also included in the box are Avon's Anew 360 White Day Cream and SSS Glutathione lotion with Marula. These 2 I gave to my cousin since I'm 2 shades darker from my recent family outing and I don't plan on making Snow White my inspiration anytime soon.

there is also Garnier's Light Intensive 3in1 Whitening Essence Mask that i am not a fan of because, again, i dont use whitening/lightening products. but then again, since its included in the box, i might just give it a try. in 2 or 3 months time. haha!
  1. great stuff :)

  2. All the stuff is great! I read entries regarding April BDJ Box and saw positive reviews!

    1. save for the lightening products, love BDJ's April box!