Casual looks for a day in the outdoors

January 3, 2013

For many people the winter months mean long evenings by the fireside or snuggling under the duvet. Yet if you fancy yourself as more of an outdoors person, there’s no reason to let the cooler conditions hold you back. There’s a huge range of chic and comfortable outdoors attire available this winter, which means there’s no need to let excellent insulation look anything less than stylish. So whether you’re planning a day spent in the park with the kids or were more in favour of a day of hiking, here are some must-have clothing items for the cooler season. 

Reliable footwear 
If there’s one piece of clothing that always lets people down on a winter hike, it’s their footwear. English conditions often mean cool weather, and wet footing. It’s absolutely essential to have good quality footwear that can handle the conditions. Water proof shoes are essential, and it pays to add another layer of water resistance with a spray available in most stores. Another must-have feature is good quality grip, with soles that can cling to slippery or even icy surfaces. Finally it’s also important to have an enclosed shoe that will not allow water to seep in from the sides or top. Hiking boots are the best option, and these can come in a range of understated and stylish looks that complement casual clothes like jeans nicely. 

Quality jacket 
The next must-have purchase for a stylish day in the outdoors is a good quality jacket. If there is a sudden downpour whilst on your walk, it pays to have a waterproof outer layer that keeps your undergarments dry. A well made outdoor jacket should be light, yet well insulated to trap your body heat. Hiking attire doesn’t need to mean daggy, unfashionable jackets your dad used to wear. Plenty of popular high street brands specialise in producing light weight, well insulated outdoor attire that looks as normal on a shopping trip as a mountain top. A great example is the brand Superdry, which produced a range of jackets, as well as knits, jeans and T-shirts. 

Comfortable layers 
Warm, light and breathable layers are the key to staying comfortable on an active day outdoors. English weather is unpredictable at the best of times, so you need to be prepared for random downpours, frost and possible bouts of sunshine. Wear something comfortable yet elegant, like a knit top under your water proof layer. This way you’ll still feel stylish when you stop for a meal or a pint at a country pub.

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