At 28

January 11, 2013

time flies like an arrow, like how my 2012 went by in a blur. in times like this, growing up and getting old feels like joining a marathon where everyone is itching to get to the finish line and everything else is hastened. looking back, it seemed like i was always in a rush to get something, to go somewhere, to accomplish one thing. always running, never pausing to evaluate and re-evaluate what all those road blocks were for. so at 28 and for 2013, my power word will be RELISH. relish each and every moment of everyday. to never take life in stride, to slow down, to mellow out. i have to learn to live life minute by minute and never by the big dots that mark my table calendar. most importantly, i need to master the art of keeping calm while dealing with all the hindering heftiness of a road block that is to be thrown my way. all these and a few more realizations and resolutions constituted after 3 cups of chocolate milk drink for the nursing mom that is moi.

but with that being said, i am still grateful for my swiftest and best year that is 2012 and all the blessings as well as uncertainties that came along with it. having another little girl that is my Vania Noelle and marrying my boyfriend of almost 6 years makes it the bestest best year evuuur!

peplum top, pants and heels - Forever 21

cat-eye sunnies - Mango


  1. I'm always in love with your photos. Magpa picture pud nya ko sa dan oy. And yes, we're owning 2013! I'm so positive for this year. I dunno why.

    1. thanks, Chy! haha! been wanting to do dan shots for the longest time pero busy kaau sa city. good thing edgie is from carcar HAHAHAHA!!!

  2. awwww. let's stay positive for 2013!

  3. I'll be turning 28 this year, too! I didn't know we're of the same age when I started following u :)

    Have a great year!


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