Fail Safe

pregnancy is giving me every reason to embrace comfort dressing and by comfort i mean leggings, oversized tops and sandals. i was never a fan of the leggings craze cos i always believed my skinny (more like bony) legs looked horrible in them. i have a couple of oversized polos that has never seen the light of day cos i just cant bring myself to wear them with garments that look/feel like second skin. they make me feel like im wearing nothing which i find rather weird and disturbing. however, going through the joys of pregnancy and adoring your ever growing belly, one will find and appreciate the comfort these skin-tight bottoms has to offer. i still drive and run errands and will probably continue to do so up until my 8th month and i have a feeling that this ensemble right here will be my fail-safe outfit for the next 2 months til i pop! :D

thrifted oversized polo. terranova leggings. promod neon sandals.
h&m flat ring. forever 21 bracelet. gifted juicy couture necklace.
  1. Toni,

    Blooming na blooming ka. Being pregnant really makes a woman beautiful and yes for comfort! :)



    1. thank you so much, Che! :) am very much enjoying my pregnancy :))