Lemon Drop Martini

February 2, 2012

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taken 4 days after arriving in san francisco yet still very worn out from our long ash flight. i remember feeling so groggy in the mornings while having breakfast and while preparing for another day of pleasure excursion because i was wide awake the night before. this went on for about a week or two until i decided to make an effort to sleep early with the help of... 
COCKTAILS. yes, cocktails! my cousin carl makes the best mixes and he spoils us ever so dearly. my favorite, and a new found love, has got to be the lemon drop martini. it is a mix of absolut citron vodka, triple sec and lemon juice. it is ridiculously divine and very easy to make!

how about you? what's your favorite cocktail drink?

(it park bazaar) korean shop jacket. h&m white tank top. old jeans.
h&m saddle bag. sf boutique nude wedges and sunnies. forever21 necklace.


  1. I <3 tequila sunrise and margarita. Wait, those are cocktails, right? I'm no champion drinker and I just realized that I've been absent from clubbing for nearly two years. Well, not that I miss it. Haha! Oh, those nights with alcohol induced happiness! Been drinking malt+Singha beer with the boif. Yeah, was told cool kids drink beer. Chos! XD

  2. My fave is amaretto sour! :) I love your shots and outfit, sending you some blog love! http://bravethewaves.net/

  3. Where to find triple sec? I should try this kind of mix. :) Love the feather necklace Toni. :)


  4. Love love love the shoes and the jeans, girl!!! :)

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    Thank you!

  5. i love your jeans ;)

  6. Love your jacket! Looks great on you :) My favorite cocktail is "Cassis soda". But never seen it in the usa. It's very popular in japan! xo akiko
    Style Imported

  7. Mine would be a Spanish fave calimocho. Cola and red wine. ;) Love your blue jacket, Toni!

  8. You should! :) Lots of thrift shoes there. But I'd say our thrift shops here in Cebu are better: more options, and lower prices.

  9. I love a good lemon drop martini. But I also love your necklace.


  10. i do love me my frozen lemon margarita. with two olives please. haha
    toni! i love this look. not a lot of people can rock washed-out jeans, but you sure do.ΓΌ

    ♥ Chaos with a Capital K ♥

  11. LOL lemon drop martinis are yummy but lethal..and fond memories were made because of that drink. my favorite cocktail is the simplest one... kurant + sprite...my poison. <3

    love the necklace toni! can i have it?hihi.

    ♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

  12. you outfit rocks, and you have the sexiest shoes <3

  13. I'M in love with your outfit.
    Like the jeans!!!

    Please follow back? X

  14. ooh this is such a chic and relaxed outfit toni! love all the blues :) im a mojito kind of girl, it's such a refreshing drink!

  15. oh wow, nice look! i love the necklace and the blazer and i super love the pants! relaxed but still stylish!


  16. Beautiful outfit! The necklace looks awesome!

  17. Love the light blue colors of your outfit! And the nude wedge is just perfect as well as the pants! Great shots too!

  18. I like your post so much! These pictures are really gorgeous!
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  19. wow you're in SF? cant wait to see more photos! you look gorgeous! love your outfit:)


  20. Love the old jeans! my favorite cocktail....sex on the beach or cosmopolitan:)


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