Do not regret getting older, it's a privilege denied to many

officially twenty seven and i am just glad to have spent my day (night, to be exact) at the fundraising event for Sendong victims at the Kartzone. 

Yves, Aisa and Kat
glad to meet the lovely Aisa of Drowning Equilibriums
photo grabed from Aisa
photo grabbed from Aisa
college friends :)
The Drink For Life event sure happened at a very opportune time if you ask me ;)
and because i love this sparkly top to death (which i've kept in my closet for 2 long years!) wore it again to a pizza date with a friend since kindergarten who is set to tie the knot in a couple of weeks! how time flies! right now, we talk about priorities and parenting. next thing we know, it's retirement we're fussing over!

Happy New Year, everyone!

gifted sequined top. forever21 skirt. forever21 black shoes - birthday gift from the boy <3
2nd set: zara skirt. so fab glitter flats.

  1. the ultimate scene stealer of the night! kabog ming tanan! hahaha. i wish i looked as great as you with short hair.. and trust me, ive had that look for a looong time before! love you tones, happy new year!


  2. kanang gamay nalang sad ako nang paputlan akong buhok ha. hehee angayan kaayo ka tons. and happpppy 27th and happy new year. og nasuya kos Blogger bracelet. i only have LOVE. hahahaa

    love ya.


  3. You look IMMACULATE, darleeeng! :))
    Seriously, you look like a modern and younger version of Twiggy! The sequin top really accentuates your look! BONGGA! I missed seeing you in the event! I left early because I have work pa tomorrow! :(
    What did you buy? Let me know :))

  4. toni!!!! i miss u na jud...we have lots to chika about.

    anyway, you GORGOUES in your new hair! your face is delicately beautiful in love LOVE!

    oooh, by the way, happy birthday...<3 hope you had a good one...may 27 bring you lots of love and adventures.

    ♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

  5. did you cut your hair even shorter, Toni? I LOVE IT. very Audrey Hebpurn. <3

    boat ride through the sky

  6. awww toni! why do you have to be so gorgeous with your new hairstyle! i love much jud. makes me want to cut mine but there are definite plans for 2012 can't cut pa. hahaha

    happy new year and happy birthday to you! :)

  7. Love your sequin top!

  8. Ah, sayanga. I missed this bazaar and I haven't blog walked, lately. So many stuff to write, so little time.

    You look even more beautiful with shorter hair, Toni. AS IN! You don't even look 27! You look like you just graduated from College.

    Happy New Year! :)

  9. Pretty and scene stealer with your sparkly top! Haha :) Happy Birthday!

  10. Oh, wow girl your hair soo sooo beautiful!!! The cut suits you so well!! Plus I'm loving the sparkly top you wore! Great photos with other bloggers too! :) happy new year to you!

  11. u know how much i love ur hair. suya jud ko samot pjd angayan ka.

    love the top and the sho-esss!!

  12. I super love your new hairdo! :) And ang sexy! <3

    And the top!

    Momma Y:)

  13. angayan kay kas imo hair jud! if you go blonde, i swear mahadlok nas emma watson nimo! love the sparkly top too!

  14. I love everything about your outfit - you look gorgeous! <3 I'm following! :)

    Ellen xx

  15. Hi!I hope you can check out my blog,, and follow each other? :) I'll follow back. Thanks!

    The Big Apple Girl

  16. The sparkly top looks good on you! And I love the combo with your black bandage skirt. =) Hope to meet you soon in Cebu. Can't wait to go home. Followed you my dear. Cebu bloggers are the best! Take care


  17. Oh my gulay! I havent been in your blog for so long! Huli na ko sa balita that you cut your hair! You look lovely! And I love the title of this blog! :)