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October 28, 2009

i know i've been slacking lately with my updates and failing miserably in getting back to you guys with your comments so to build momentum again, i'm giving away 3 sets of Nivea products for you to enjoy or share with your family or friends.

if some of you haven't read my recent post yet, i was on an out-of-the country trip with the sister and it was the longest flight we've experienced. 4 airports, 3 different planes and countless of hours breathing in recycled air left me and my skin fatigued and dehydrated. no amount of drinking water could easily ease the torment my skin went through. when we finally got back home, the bipolar weather wasn't of much help either. have you ever felt that its too hot a day to put on lotion but your skin's too dry not to use one? a few days in and i was complaining like a mad woman. the feeling was just unbearable! but like how all mothers are, my mom consoled me by handing over 2 large unopened packages posted and received during the time i was on vacation. who would have thought that the remedy to all my outbursts was just inside a medium-size Air21 pouch? definitely a package that packs a lot of punch.

Nivea Express Hydration Body Lotion moisturizes/hydrates without giving me that sticky after feeling. it's ultra-light consistency is remarkably beneficial given our hot weather and makes it easier for my skin to absorb it quickly and provide the needed hydration to last me the whole day. another added bonus would be its soothing, almost-sedating scent that lingers on mildly for hours after application. for someone whose nose is a tad too sensitive, the mildest product scent is highly favorable if i dont want to be sneezing the entire time. Express Hydration Body Lotion is like an elixir for the skin. its rich in moisture but light in consistency. definitely a must-have in every Filipina's vanity table!

to put an end to this almost endless blabbering, here's what Nivea has to offer and say:

The new ultra-light body lotion with sea minerals contains the innovative Hydra IQ active ingredient that has been developed specifically for the needs of normal to dry skin. it keeps the skin soft and supple, envelops it in the subtle scent of blue lotus and leaves and a refreshed feeling.
the one-of-a-kind formula with Hydra IQ makes body care a long-lasting intense experience. it provides a nonstop supply of moisture to the skin - longer than ever before. This is based on the worldwide exclusive Nobel Prize technology, which promotes optimum moisture supply and distribution from within - for over 24 hours. Nivea Express Hydration Body Lotion is not only effective for an extra-long time, but is also absorbed by the skin extraordinarily quickly and thus helps repair the eight signs of dry skin: dry, redness, rough, tight, flaky, dull, itchy and peeling. It has been developed with dermatologists and skin compatibility is clinically and dermatologically proven.

available in 75ml, 125ml, 250ml and 400ml pack sizes.

srp: 75ml, Php 36.00 | 125ml, Php 65.00 | 250ml, Php 120.00 | 400ml, Php 224.00

By joining my giveaway, the winner will get not 1 but 3 sets of Nivea goodies!

 three (3) 125ml Express Hydration Body Lotion
three (3) 150ml Pure and Natural Action Deo Spray
three (3) Pure and Natural with Bio Chamomile Wipes
im also giving away one (1) 60ml Nivea Creme for added moisturizing.
want more? LIKE the Cebu Fashion Bloggers facebook page, and i'll add:
1 limited edition Bath&Body Works Shimmer and Shea Charmed Life shimmer gel and body lotion
1 236ml Limited Edition Charmed Life fragrance mist
 here's what you need to do:
(one entry each)

1) LIKE Nivea Philippines facebook page HERE
2) COMMENT why you should win and share your natural and healthy lifestyle
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lastly, leave your name and email address with your comment (as mentioned above)

simple, yes? i will announce the winner on the 13th of this month. so comment away!

open to Philippine residents only


  1. Nivea products has always been the rave of my older relatives especially the classic nivea creme. Their skin care line is consistently ranked among the top products simply because they live up to their brand's promise.

    Sometimes when water therapy is not enough, Nivea surely makes up for the needed moisture. I'd be a looney not to want my own set! ^^

  2. followed, liked and shared..<3

    nivea has been a go-to in moisturizing for ages...old and young people use it because it works.

    ♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

  3. followed,liked and shared too! :)

    started running my lungs out since the start of the second quarter of this year. it's very cheap and healthy, all you need are a good pair or running shoes, with some shorts and shirt of course. since i sweat a lot, i really moisturize after a long run. keeps the skin healthy and para di mag level up ang ka negrahan after all the sun rays hitting my skin. haha!

    good luck to everyone! XD

  4. Two thumbs for the Nivea products the best among the rest.


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