1st Blog Giveaway

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A good 4 months ago, I made mention about hosting a blog giveaway to show my appreciation to each and everyone of you gorgeous ladies (and gents) for continually visiting this blog and for reading (and putting up with) my random rants.  Yes, it took me forever to finally finalize and post this long overdue giveaway and I would like to apologize of course for making you wait that looong!

I am giving away this large Turquoise Medallion bracelet I'd love to keep for myself if only my arm's big enough for it. Haha. Seriously, my pictures don't do this thing of beauty any justice! 
cebu fashion blogger, cebu blog giveaways, blog giveaways, cebu blogger, toni pino-oca, turquoise bangle,

cebu fashion blogger, cebu blog giveaways, blog giveaways, cebu blogger, toni pino-oca, turquoise bangle,

cebu fashion blogger, cebu blog giveaways, blog giveaways, cebu blogger, toni pino-oca, turquoise bangle,

How to join:
1. Tweet/Post on Facebook/Tumblr about this little contest (1 entry each)
2. Make a post about this on your personal blog with an anchor image linking back to this post. 
(Use the image below)

Optional and additional ways to win: (1 entry each)
1. Follow me here on Blogger/Google Friend Connect
2. Follow me via NetworkedBlogs (FB)
3. I am on BlogLovin' and Tumblr too!

 What to do?
LEAVE A COMMENT on this post with the following:
 - Name and email address
- Links/URLs where you've posted about the giveaway
- Link/URL of the blog post mentioning the giveaway
- Indicate the site/s where you have followed me (don't forget your name)

Sample entry on the comments box below.

Not a Blogger user? You can still join by using Open ID for Live Journal, WordPress, TypePad and AIM for you to be able to leave a comment.
Not a member of any of the following blogging sites mentioned above? You may comment through Name/URL or Anonymous options just don't forget to leave your email address!

Joining is that easy!
I will be accepting entries until the 15th of February only.
Spread the word, lovelies!

Open to Philippine residents only

Follow Perfumed Red Shoes

    Toni Pino. toni.pino@yahoo.com
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    *that's a total of 8 entries!
    Good luck, lovelies! :))

  2. Liv Reyes lyvtela@yahoo.com

    1. Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/liv_reyes/status/34871406361583616

    3. Blog entry: http://blogpromos.blogspot.com/2011/02/perfumed-red-shoes-1st-blog-giveaway.html

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    6. Followed you on BlogLovin lyv_tela@yahoo.com

  3. that is so cute! :D
    Jing Ayuban. jinelynayuban@gmail.com


    2.Followed you on Blogger: Jing

  4. That turquoise medallion bracelet is so lovely! Too bad di ako pwede sumali. I'll post your giveaway in my blog, Toni. :)

    Lee [Oh Yeah, Coffee!]

  5. yey giveaway! :D

    Gizelle Faye | gizellefaye@yahoo.com
    1. FB Post here: http://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=124838920922582&id=128270977197110

    2. Twitter Post: Tweeted the giveaway and tagged you but I don't know to get the link..hehehehe. Hope you caught the tag!

    3. Followed you on Blogger through google friend connect (Gizelle Faye | Vanilla Ice Cream)

    4. Followed you through Networked Blogs (Gizelle)

    5. Followed your through Bloglovin' (gizellefaye@yahoo.com)

    Hope I win! <3

    ♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

  6. On Thu, Feb 10, 2011 at 12:42 PM, mara mejos wrote:

    Mara Mejos. marafmejos@gmail.com
    1. FB post: http://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/mmafi

    2. Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/marashinoyo

    3. Tumblr post: http://shelives2love.tumblr.com/post/3210946880/http-1-bp-blogspot-com-g4n76dzffoa-tvauvg2hhmi-aaaaaaaab

    4. Blog entry: http://berrysilver.blogspot.com/2011/02/tl-for-turquoise-love.html
    5. Followed you on Blogger as berrysilver ----an old of blog of mine..pardon the "cobwebs"/ old, not-much-updated-page. am planning on a revamp for it soon! ;-D

    6. Followed you via NetworkedBlogs as Mara Figueroa Mejos

    7. Followed you on BlogLovin via myBLpage - FYI: the newest blog i made...[i wonder if i can keep up w/ all these?*_*] ;DD

    8. Followed you on Tumblr as shelivestolove

    wishin' w/ my stars to win! ^_^
    [ this is fun!hope to win!;-* ]

  7. Ann Lazo. annlazo@yahoo.com
    4. Blog entry: (http://numberslettersandfashion.blogspot.com/2011/02/i-want-to-win-this.html
    5. Followed you on Blogger: Ann/My Wall
    7. Followed you on BlogLovin (mslazo_4185@yahoo.com)

    ^^ yey! Hope I win! ^^
    Do join my giveaway too! ^^

  8. Joyce Clemencio

    1. Tweeted here
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