For all things black and menthol

So what's a city girl to do when she feels she's had too much of the city life? She packs up her things in a jiffy, grabs her iPod and speakers, and allows her crazy friends to yank her out on a trip to the province.
Yes, we took the bus and made that long trip to my favorite little town to have that much needed breather. With all the hustle and bustle of the city, one gets a little too overwhelmed to the point of losing it and wants nothing more than to spend a day or two in a secluded little beach.

Now, if only I could post all of our pictures here and that of.. *giggles*
Oh well, maybe next time? *winks*

Where to next, sweethearts? :)

PS. My warmest thanks to the resort owner for letting us use the resort's mini truck, for the discounted price and the free dish!
  1. Hi Tony!
    You look very different in your new hair style.
    Mas bagay sau curly hair.

  2. Toni! Gosh I know right, me too, here in the city, I just want to get out and go to the province! :)

    Melai of Style and Soul

  3. looking absolutely stunning hun! you and your gorgeous curly locks! I bet someone's drooling right now... ALEX! hahaha
    i miss you hun lets hang out when i get back to Cebu!!

  4. wonderful photos Ton and I love the last photo of you with the look gorgeous and always...


  5. Long-legged chic. Sexy and damned hot.

  6. ok so the last photo is the creme de la creme!

  7. your photos are so nice! very surfer girl in her downtime :) glad you got your r&r, kainggit! :)