I Will Rock This, No Matter What

new ring. new pink toy. my Pinkie is love. LOVE. Thanks Happy Pill.
Left: my hair 3 years ago and the outcome that I expected
Right: hair now :( and showcasing new ring from SM Dept Store
fresh haul: Mossimo Velika Lace-Ups. Pre-order @ Power Retail

So what's a girl to do when she's had too much of a crying showdown prompting her to throw out her self esteem on its well-mannered ass? She gets a makeover. And she gets it fast, like, right then and there without even thinking twice.

I had wanted to get romantic beach curls, and by beach curls I mean Digital Perm. But since I was running out of time and the nearest available stylist was just a call away instead of driving all the way to the city for an hour or so to visit my favorite korean salon, I jumped at the opportunity thinking that the do I had perfectly pictured would likely be the outcome.

But judging from the pictures, I'm pretty sure you lovelies know how devastated I was after my makeover fiasco. So please don't flinch. You'll be seeing this hair for a long period of time til I outgrow them and chop them all off. *spazzes*

But since I'm already sporting it, I will rock this one no matter what.

turquoise dotted top - thrifted .5 dollars. random pink cardigan. DIY Levi's shorts.
Guess black belt. gifted turquoise pendant. random turquoise cuff. animal ring - SM Dept Store.
Mossimo Velika Lace-Ups and Forever21 Cat's Eye Sunnies - pre-order at Power Retail
  1. Tony lovely lovely make over!fits you I swear :)

    Melai of Style and Soul

  2. don't worry! promise, my perm started out just... wrong!! (got them a year ago.) it was too frizzy, & not the nice, soft curls that i had been expecting. but luckily, my curls eventually loosened up after a month or so, & now, i think i don't ever want to go back to straight hair! and just as long as i style it properly, it'll cooperate.

    i don't think yours is that bad! i think you're working it! you seem like a poised girl, so i'm sure you can pull anything off. :)

    boat ride through the sky

  3. It's lovely, dear! Kinky beach waves are super sexy, even though the curls are a bit small they do fit you :)

  4. this look is my fave from yours ! bright clashing color top and cardigan and some great shoes : LOVE <3

  5. you look so different with your curly hair! i love it. from my personal experience w/ digiperms, they get better as they get loose :) love those cat's eye glasses btw



  7. Love your ring and your heels!! You look great!


  8. so pretty.. love this casual look going on and you have such a great smile! :D

    Animated Confessions

  9. Oh Toni, you still look gorgeous as ever!!! you can always style it anyways!!!!

    you rock the hair with your outfit plus those new stuff you've got...

    cheer up love...saw the rants and frustrations via FB and Twitter...

    in due time it will just grow so don't worry....

    you will always look lovely!!!

    take care

  10. Oh wow, I love the shoes! :) I checked the site out - thanks!

    You are very gorgey! I love your outfit!

    Aviator Shades

  11. I'm sure they will loosen up to sexy beach curls in a few weeks. That happened to me far too many times before. :)

  12. your curls are not too bad toni!
    i actually have curls still my roots but i just blow dry or iron my bangs straight...hehehe. just make sure not to comb or brush your hair when it's dry to avoid getting them frizzy...and just apply hair lotion and allow to air dry using your fingers. :D wehehe, tips from an eternal curly haired gal! :D

    the stuff at power retail are really really tempting...maybe for christmas i'll get myself stuff from there!

    ♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

  13. I agree, Toni! I had a digital perm (from Tony and Jackey-is that your favorite korean parlor too?) and it was really shocking at first. Maybe a little serum and time will smooth it out. The curls will drop and all. I think it looks much better than my perm did!

    Great retro looking shades, girl!

    B from A plus B

  14. you still look so beautiful toni. and those glasses are so wicked. love it!


  15. The resulting look isn´t that bad at all. It´s a matter of getiing used to it and it it´ll grow fine. Don´t fret much, Toni! :)

    Love your shoes! Glad that you´re feeling better now. :)

  16. you look so au naturel in this pics! i love it!!! and ur shades most esp!

  17. i had a perm accident too when i was in the philippines so yeah that´s it with me and the beach curly hair! trauma BIG TIME!
    but i don´t think yours is that bad! so rock it all the way hun!

    xoxo Mode Junkie

  18. I like the colours in the last pic!

    Take a peek! our first blog.

    best regards from Sweden :)

  19. love the ring!!!


    follow if u like what u see?


  20. that tiger ring is super cute!



  21. i love everything about your outfit. the shoes. the polka dots. the sharp colors. gaaah. it's perfect. ima follow you now.

    swing by sometime? kathi folds five

  22. beautiful outfit! so summer and colourful.
    ♥ the shoes


  23. Those shoes are ahhhhmazinggg...:) Love em'!

    chloe **http://flowerponychloe.blogspot.com

  24. the curls aren't that bad. i'm growing my hair long too coz i want beach waves. :)

  25. hehe.i want that type of kulot,toni!mine is so thick na wavy.daily problem jud nako ako hair.you look gorgeous man japon on that hair dai!

    i love the outfit!pretty colors.miss u toni dear!


  26. Your shoesss!! I lovee plus you you look cute. I love the pairing up of the colors. :)

    Awww your hair Tony. Though it doesnt look that bad, maybe a bit too frizzy but nevertheless workable :) Hair products to the rescue! :) Hehehe. I now envy you because I want to perm my hair all of a sudden :P

  27. I love your shoes!

  28. i like your shoes..nice

    wanna exchange link??