We Screamed BREATHER Part 2

Im sorry if I haven't been able to visit your blogs, lovelies.
My laptop conked out on me again and I had to use any one of my siblings' netbooks. I've been jumping from one netbook to another, now my files are like the 7107 islands in the Philippines. Scattered all over. haha.
No, I don't own an external hard drive and I only have 2 8GB flash disk and they're just not enough.
Now I have to send my turtle of a laptop to the technician again and wait for 3 days or so before i get to install the necessary whatevs again before functioning smoothly. Oh heavens. It's begging to be replaced..
Oh well, just a few more weeks and I'll be using my "pinkie" haha!

Anyhoo, here's part (day) 2 of our breather at IP.
My sister, mom, dad and I spent the day lounging at the poolside while my brothers were sliding their hearts out. haha! they just couldn't get enough of IP's waterpark :)

bought online green bandeau dress. Old Navy chainlink thongs - Power Retail
F21 Turquoise ring. Terner bag. random floppy hat.
  1. hi toni! ang pretty mo naman with your floppy hat! parang i wanna go to cebu and go to those places, the pictures are terrific :)

  2. I love the straw hat Toni and you look awesome in your dress...

    good thing you were able to take a break, I know how busy you are lately...

    take care

  3. toni! spend summer everyday! love you in beachy (not bitchy, haha)outfits. Feels like summer is indeed your season :)

  4. That huge hat is perfect for those extra UV rays from the Philippine sun. ;) Cute summer dress, Toni!

    PS: I missed eating Pinoy/International buffet food. Dito Chinese lang ang buffet.huhuhu!

  5. i love your floppy hat so much!!! xx


  6. i really like your hat sweet! everything looks beautiful!

  7. toni, i am in loooooove with ur hat! and i cant believe its still hot in cebu! manila is raining like craaaayzaaay!

  8. your hat is not random...no because i have been looking everywhere for one!hehehe. when we were in IP, i kept pointing out to the diff korean girls wearing such cute hats! harry was getting embarrassed for me...

    ps. i hope you do get to find out what you want to do in life...and that we get to get out of this rut..praying for each other.

    ♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

  9. hey toni !
    you look like you're having a blast in your summer ! loving that summer dress on you !

    have fun love :)

    thanks for your commentsss :) :) :)

  10. you're alws beatiful wıth summer or not..:))

    love you xoxo

  11. Beautiful, Toni, as always!

  12. oh my. i love the floppy hat so much!!!!

  13. Toni, i love your huge hat! perfect for summer outfits esp on the beach. the photos look so wonderful esp on the previous post. i miss the beach! and i miss buffet breakfast!! :) hehe

  14. Looks like your having a wonderful time!! I love your hat!!

    <3 Kelly

  15. Your blog is lovely! I adore your hat!


  16. Your blog is lovely! I adore your hat!


  17. wow, you look incredible here! Great hat! xx

  18. im so jealous of your figure. you look great and happy at the pictures.

    ang ganda naman ng resort na yan.

  19. Ahhh...summer vacations. Amazing. Love these pics!

    chloe ** http://flowerponychloe.blogspot.com

  20. Hi Tony!
    How are you, darling?
    where was this place?
    It's nice to see you with your happy
    family. Uy! lalong gumaganda ka, sweetie pie!

  21. you look gorgeous and beautiful
    lovely photos
    hope you had a great holiday, the place is really beautiful


  22. wow, love love the floppy hat ~ it's the perfect accessory ;-)